Odoo 13 - Release Note
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13 November, 2019 by
Odoo 13 - Release Note
Every year in October, Odoo is proudly presenting the latest improvements and developments of their software. 

With this year's Odoo 13, Odoo SA has surpassed themselves, not just by developing new modules, but especially by introducing new features that enrich the functions of the existing modules. 

Odoo's simple and user-friendly interface make it one of the most popular open-source business software for small and medium sized enterprises. But Odoo is by far not solely suitable for SMEs anymore. Its new features that are customised and designed to suit the requirements of a wide range of businesses, allow companies of any size to implement Odoo.

If you are interested in those new features and improvements, continue reading below! 

Social Marketing


Odoo extended their Marketing functionalities by introducing the new module "Social Marketing", which makes it possible post on all of your social media accounts (such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn) and to monitor your activities directly in Odoo! 

You can now send push notifications directly to visitors of your website, or engage a conversation with your visitors by sending them a request to chat live with you. 


Another new module worth to mention in Odoo is "SMS Marketing". This new module now makes it possible to manage all of your SMS Marketing campaigns directly within Odoo!

Field Service


The newly introduced module "Field Service" allows companies offering services of any kind, such as repair, installation, delivery or on-site construction to view their worksheets and projects directly in the mobile application. It is also possible to enter worked hours directly into the app or select products that were used during the intervention and to invoice them afterwards.



With the introduction of the new "Rental" Module, Odoo now targets companies that offer any kind of rental service. The introduction of such a module is a completely new in Odoo and allows even highly diversified companies to map and manage all of their business activities within one software.
In the rental app, you can easily manage rental orders and invoice them directly, share the rental contract and communicate maintenance activities.



This app transforms the challenging task of recruiting new employees into a game for your whole team and helps you find new talents faster through employee referrals.

Employees can get involved in the hiring process, can view open positions and recommend and send them to people they know. In return for convincing others to apply, they earn points for every stage their friends pass and get rewards accordingly.The app is alsy fully integrated with the recruitment app.

Other Improvements

Odoo 13 is now 5x faster!

In the backend, as well as on your website.

Brand new Accounting

Odoo improved the usability of the Accounting module, with for example better reconciliation, consoliation, new reports, asset refactoring and easier tax configurations.

New Views

For example the Gantt View: easily drag and drop inside the view, or create a record with just one click!

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