Odoo Document Management System
What is behind the new module Odoo DMS?
9 May, 2019 by
Odoo Document Management System

Paperless company with Odoo DMS 

Imagine becoming a paper free company where documents follow business processes. Use Odoo DMS with an integration in all your Odoo apps and departments.

Using the email gateway documents are created automatically in your Odoo DMS and processed with automatic actions.

  • request documents or information with Odoo activities

  • create vendor bills automatically from the document with a pdf recognition. No need to key in the information.

  • push a bunch of documents into a department or create an automated action

  • check the documents and adapt them e.g. create 2 documents out of one

  • full integration with Odoo sign - ask for signatures from your partners or internally

Odoo AI

Odoo Artificial Intelligence

With pdf recognition your vender bills are created automatically from the pdf.

Odoo eSign

Odoo eSIGN

Request documents, adapt pdf and ask for signatures internally or at your partner.

Odoo App

Integrated with Odoo App

Use the integration with all other Odoo Apps like accounting, tasks, PLM or eSign.

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