Odoo Quick Start eCommerce Solution
Rapid help for retailers and small shops
31 March, 2020 by
Odoo Quick Start eCommerce Solution

Quick Start eCommerce Solution

Small retailers and local shops are forced to close their shops until further notice of the government. For many business owners who are not engaged in eCommerce and selling their goods online, this means a total loss of revenues which can last for an uncertain period of time.

We think that Odoo can help many of these small businesses to find a quick solution for substituting stationary trade with selling online and delivering products to customers at home.

In order to support local retailers and any kinds of businesses that are impacted by the lockdown, we offer a quick-start Odoo implementation out-of-the-box which can be delivered on short notice and at fairly low cost. And with "short notice", we mean that we can create an Odoo Webshop for you within just one day!

Necessary Apps 

Website Builder

With Odoo's Website Builder, a Website is created within a few hours by adding features per drag & drop and lets you choose from several design options to adapt your website to your brand and style guidelines.


Odoo's integrated eCommerce platform allows to build an online shop for all kinds of products, e.g. products with several attributes. or additional information. Automatic stock adjustments, online payments and shipping options are available. 



Odoo Inventory is fully integrated with Odoo eCommerce and Invoicing, and allows you to track every stock move.


Create online quotations or invoices for your webshop customers and view all of your customer account information. Create pricelist rules to compute the right price based on customer conditions or apply discount and promotion rules.

 Costs for implementing the Quick Start eCommerce Solution

Odoo Enterprise Contract

€  160.64

/ month*

* for a 1 year contract
  • Includes 2 users and Odoo.sh Cloud Platform Hosting
  • Modules: Website Builder, eCommerce, Inventory, Sales
  • No customization

Hosting and implementation support

€  4,440.00

20% discount*

* on our regular price of 5,550.00€
  • Includes an hourly package of 40 hours
  • Includes setup and configuration of Odoo.sh
  • Odoo Standard implementation
  • Functional support

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