Industry solution for Human Resources & Recruitment
The best solution is an OBS Solution
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Industry solution for Human Resources & Recruitment
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Industry solution for Human Resources & Recruitment

Our OBS industry solution for Human Resources & Recruitment is the fully integrated software that allows you to optimally manage your day-to-day business activities in your industry. Developed by our industry experts, our OBS industry solution combines the expertise of our experienced industry experts with best-practice approaches from the lived working practice of the industry.

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The missing foundation

Looking around the market for software solutions that specialize in HR and recruitment processes, it does not seem clear which functions are essential for the industry. Many established solutions on the market advertise all-round functions that can map and manage the entire process. But often, important functions are missing, such as automatic candidate management, CRM system connection and integration, and CV parsing. Industry experts regret that many solutions are too superficially structured and lack essential functions in applicant management.

Whether companies should rely on a colorful software landscape in the long term to map and manage all their processes is questionable. This results in high costs and a high level of effort in data management. All the software used must be brought up to the same level and kept there. If possible, well-maintained interfaces must be created. The required effort is high.

Two solutions for HR

Where others first have to create interfaces, we set new standards with our OBS Industry Solution for HR and Recruitment: our fully integrated software solution offers smoothly running automation and interconnected applications and functions.
The OBS industry solution is more than just a recruiting platform. It is capable of fully digitizing and mapping HR processes.

Our parsing includes CV (resume) and profile parsing. This means that the system automatically reads both the uploaded CV and the applicant’s LinkedIn profile. The benefits of accelerating talent management are obvious: the data is transferred into the system and is now available to you wherever you need it. This process is automatically triggered, but of course, you can also perform the entire process and individual steps manually.

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry and the lived practice of the industry have led us to the conclusion that one solution cannot meet the needs of everyday HR processes. This is because there are primarily two groups working in the HR industry: 1. Companies that have an HR department and want to recruit qualified employees, and 2. HR consultants and recruiters.

the OBS industry solution for companies

As a company, you can look forward to the mapping and administration of all processes in the area of personnel management: recruiting - onboarding - digital personnel file - master data maintenance (employment contract, presence/absence) - further training - offboarding, all of which is supported by Odoo. Take advantage of the full power of your Odoo system with the OBS industry solution for HR and Recruitment.

Your strength: the Recruiting App

The Recruiting App seamlessly integrates with your Odoo system and, like all Odoo modules, is fully integrated. You have all the information you need right where you need it. This is a great way to complement the Odoo standard.

This is how the recruitment process might be:
Your company advertises a job on its own website. An applicant applies for the job via the application form.
A record is created automatically in the Odoo software with the applicant's core data and resume.
You track the applicant’s status in the system. If desired, you can set a portal release for a recruiter for the recruiting process. In this case, the recruiter can edit the portal status of your applicants. All in your system. You can track every step and all data is stored in your system.
As you already know from Odoo Standard, all personnel data is managed in the personnel module after hiring the new employee. Here, manual data entry is no longer necessary: The personnel file generates itself automatically from the master data already received with the application.

Of course, international use is possible without any problems, thanks to Odoo's multi-client capability. Find talents at any location that will enrich your business with the OBS industry solution for HR and Recruitment.

The OBS industry solution for HR consultants and recruiters

As a personnel consultant and recruiter, you can use the potential of Odoo for your everyday work. The OBS industry solution for HR and Recruitment focuses on providing optimal support for the recruitment process: Sending invitations, planning and evaluating interviews, tracking skills - all important functions are mapped in the recruiting app.

Meaningful optimization in the recruiting process

As you already know from Odoo, you don't have to change your work processes because the software adapts to your daily work routine. Whether you are a headhunter specifically looking for promising talent or you post the jobs you want to fill on your website, the OBS industry solution for human resources and recruiting offers you all the options for optimal process and applicant management.

Strengthen your customers' trust and offer real-time insights into the recruitment process: grant your customers portal access. This way, the companies for which you handle the recruitment process can see the applicant’s status and leave comments on the applicants in your system. This transparency strengthens trust-based collaboration.

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