Industry solution for media agencies
The best solution is an OBS Solution
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Industry solution for media agencies
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Industry solution for media agencies

Our OBS industry solution for media agencies is fully integrated software that allows you to optimally manage your day-to-day business operations in your industry. Developed by our industry experts, our OBS industry solution combines the know-how of our experienced industry experts with best-practice approaches from the lived practice of the industry.

Read more about the ideas behind the OBS industry solution for media agencies and the benefits it offers.

What holds agencies back

No solid structure

Many software solutions lack a solid structure, offering only a colorful software landscape. Agencies using such software lack a central overview of projects as they often need different software solutions for each business area. This also means that they have to switch back and forth between different logics every day. Important data has to be entered manually into each software solution for processing. Such software requires very high cognitive effort and creativity from users, efforts that should go into the daily work and not into operating the agency software. 

Flexibility - a foreign concept

The media industry is particularly agile and has a high pace of innovation. To keep up and be a thought leader, a high degree of flexible work processes is a must. Even though this industry structure has been known for a while, common agency software solutions do not seem to take this point seriously.

Many solutions rigidly dictate how to think and work: the software must be used for everything or exclusively for a small area.
The possibility of working with freelancers also seems not to have been considered in many of these solutions.

Usability? Missing!

Even if you find an agency software that is supposed to be a fully integrated solution, the reality often looks different.
Customer reviews of such software solutions clearly show that only partial areas are usable, as not all functions in the software are fully developed. In some cases, the interaction between the individual software modules is not perfect, so even fully integrated software solutions degenerate into software for a specific task area since they do not offer any real added value as full software.

You would need a lot of patience and have to spend a lot of time familiarizing yourself with work processes that are perhaps not fully developed. You may even end up adding another software landscape that complements the areas that are not working.

Valuable time is lost in the process, causing your service and consulting to suffer. That this is not a real option for the practice is understandable.

Creativity made easy

Creating a solid foundation with structure

You need a solid foundation of all important data to work creatively without worries. That way, even in the creative process, which can be spontaneous and muddled, you can find all the relevant information in just a few clicks.

If the software organizes the data for the user, structures it, links it in a meaningful way, and intuitively outputs it where it is needed, you can worry less about data maintenance. This is one of the benefits of the OBS industry solutions.

Another advantage is that you can give your customers significant insight into the real-time status of the project at any time. The OBS industry solution for media agencies provides clearly structured overviews and brings all data together in a useful form.

Flexibility in the true sense of the word

Understanding the industry and keeping up with the fast pace of development are essential survival skills for agencies.
To accomplish this daily, it is important to be able to use the agency software intuitively.

Our industry solution can be adapted to users’ work processes, no time-consuming learning of the software logic necessary!
The agency software can be used as an all-in-one solution. It can also be flexibly extended with interfaces without compromising the structured overview in our industry solution.

Flexible integration of freelancers and uncomplicated withdrawal of rights is possible at any time. This allows you to remain fully flexible.

Experience and mature solutions

The OBS industry solution for media agencies is a powerful, fully mature software. Industry experts use all areas of the agency software in their everyday work. The modular structure has been thought through to the last detail: the system links data in a meaningful manner and is designed from the ground up to be modular.

Even if you choose not to use our agency software as an all-in-one solution, the all-in-one feeling remains. Well-maintained interfaces make the smooth use of all functions in one system a reality.

When you choose the OBS industry solution for media agencies, you get smooth-running software that adds real value to your day-to-day work.

Hit the ground running with the OBS Industry Solution for media agencies.

Discuss your requirements directly with industry experts and benefit from our experience with successful projects.

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