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Odoo fully integrated: ERP, CRM, PMS, PoS, Web


Odoo is worldwide the only business software which integrates all company processes such as website, online shop, CRM, sales, inventory, manufacturing, purchasing, reporting, projects, service, marketing, social media, human resources, document management, finance and accounting.

In a growing company you soon outgrow technology. Integrating different software is a mess and costs a lot of money. To run your business seamlessly, Odoo is the perfect solution. All in one and easy to use helps Odoo you to manage your operations: online, sales, projects, reporting and many more… all seamlessly integrated. Only one system for all your company`s aspects.

Create a professional website without major technical knowledge. Set-up your E-commerce quickly. Your customers can purchase from anywhere in the world. Incoming messages from the website land as leads on Odoo sales. From here you can easily create a quotation and start the sales order process, which is fully integrated until the paid invoice in accounting. In the CRM you have a performance dashboard that helps to be successful in sales. Not only is Odoo powerful, but it`s also a beautiful business software providing a great experience that makes every user productive.

You don`t need to synchronize different software

Running your business has never been so simple

Start now and grow your business with Odoo!

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