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Emails, Contacts and Calendar synchronization the easy way

In Odoo Standard there are already many possibilities to connect your email program to Odoo. For example it is possible to send emails out of Odoo and get the return email attached to the specific activity, no matter whether it is a quote, invoice, lead, project etc.. In addition actions can be defined and leads / activities automatically generated by incoming emails. With a small adaptation it is as well possible to link emails automatically from Outlook to the Odoo contact using the related email address.

With an additionally developed plugin we can expand the integration and synchronization with Outlook considerably. Please have a look at the details below:

Add emails from Outlook directly to activities in Odoo

The Outlook plugin allows you to attach emails directly to the concerned activity in Odoo. No matter whether the email should be linked to leads, opportunities, projects, tasks, clients or partners. It is easy to search within the concerned model for the right activity using full text search functionality. The attached email appears on the specific activity below in the message section. Using a light blue background it is easy to detect, which emails were added using this plugin.


Choose your Email


Select the respective model and activity


See the result in Odoo

Synchronisation of Contacts and Calendar fully automated

You can synchronize your contacts and calendar either manually on demand or automated in set cycles depending on your necessities. 

Odoo image and text block

You can test all the features with our trial key. In general there are many possibilities to integrate your Email Software with Odoo.

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