Hyundai: Odoo Customer Review

Odoo Project Implementation - Challenges and Solutions

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Hyundai Details:

Hyundai Construction Equipment Americas Inc. belongs to Hyundai Heavy Industries, which is a worldwide leading Engineering, Shipbuilding, Manufacturing and Construction company. With 26.000 employees worldwide Hyundai belongs to the biggest shipyards in the world. Hyundai`s engagement to innovation and customer service is incomparable in the industry. They sell and service a wide range of construction equipment and material handlers. 

Project Challenges

Odoo had to substitute the core system Nabicon, which was a bit outdated and too inflexible for the future requirements. Nabicon was used as the central hub for several other systems like e.g. SAP.

  • need of a easy to use, flexible and powerful system

  • full handle daily operation and interface to various systems

  • tracking of day to day sales activities, with a broad sharing of information

  • redesign the product builder and synchronization with factory option codes

  • full process from quote to factory order and invoicing with proper tracking of serial number with all options

  • integrate the system completely with the headquarters in Korea

Business Solutions

Major solutions delivered in cooperation with our Odoo Gold Partner Bista Solutions:

  • client portal of Odoo has been used as a dealer platform to increase flexibility with placing orders in the distribution network

  • Odoo sign has supported to ensure an automatic electronical sign process within the dealer network

  • integrate all the other software systems such as SAP, CERES, and WMS and ensure that all systems have the latest information updates

  • special synchronization for all warehouses with the WMS to show real time inventory

  • two way integration with SAP to export journal entries and also process the invoice and credits from Odoo

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