Odoo 11: Check the next Odoo!

Release of Odoo 11 during Odoo Experience 2017

Roadmap for Odoo 11

The focus to increase usability and make Odoo easily accessible will remain as it was in the previous years. There is already today very few solutions that can compete with Odoo in that regard, but we believe the topic is getting even more important in the future.

Further on there are going to be many small improvements especially in the extensive applications inventory, MRP, website and e-commerce. From a sectoral perspective Odoo 11 is going to have several improvements for service companies. The very successful Odoo Studio is going to be improved as well, so that customization is becoming easier even without programming.

With Odoo 11 the accounting is going to be improved with a special focus on localization opportunities in order to cover legal requirements in the major countries and systems. There will be as well a few new apps like a meeting scheduler and marketing automation.


Highlights of Odoo 11

Major improvements in a nutshell

Beautiful design and additional features to achieve an amazing user experience

Speed: 3x faster than Odoo 10 (in complex operations even 5x)

Fits to your working environment 

  • iOS & Android App 

  • responsive on Laptops & Wide Screens

Efficient Communication & Tasks

  • Reminders for scheduled activities

  • Centralized Communication Channels

  • Out-of-the-box VoIP

  • Smart visual indicators

  • Employee Feedback and Rewards

Simplified settings across all apps with a global search function

New Website Builder & eCommerce

  • New Themes

  • Page Manager

  • SEO Tools

Accounting Localisation

  • e.g. Germany SKR03, SKR04, DATEV Export, Intrastat, Umsatzsteuervoranmeldung

  • 24.000 Bank Interfaces

  • SEPA Direct Debit & Credit Transfer

  • 3-Way Matching

  • Improved Fifo Costing & Landed Cost

  • Unified Payment Flow

  • Improved Legal Statements

Project Forecast

  • Billing rates analysis

  • Resource allocation & utilization

MRP & Inventory

  • Workcenter control panel

  • Integrated worksheet & quality controls

Odoo Studio - Build and Customize your Business App

New Features

  • Marketing Automation

  • Meeting Scheduler

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