Odoo Magento Connector: AiO-Connect

The Professional Integration of Magento and Odoo

AiO-Connect is fully automated and the easiest, most reliable connector between Magento and Odoo. Other Magento and Odoo interfaces require substantial modifications of Odoo and / or Magento. In contrast AiO Connect is a middleware and runs outside of Magento and Odoo. Therefore you don`t need any installation or extension on your Odoo or Magento platform and the system is robust during updates on Odoo or Magento.

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The Solution: a new middleware for Magento and Odoo

The reliable and stable solution provided by our middleware architecture. Odoo and Magento are connected via a third software, which performs the synchronization from "outside". Neither shop nor ERP system has to be changed or extended, so updates of both systems is possible hassle free. The performance is extraordinary, because the middleware uses the existing interfaces (web services or API).

Odoo Magento Integration: Function and Features

Synchronistaion works seamlessly in both directions:

  • Transfer products from Magento to Odoo

  • Creating new products in Magento and Odoo

  • Updating products in Magento or Odoo

  • Synchronize order status of Odoo to Magento

  • Transfer orders from Magento to Odoo

  • Transfer rebates in respective product or fixed price as a separate "discount" product

  • Transfer of delivery notes from Odoo to Magento

Maximum degree of flexibility

A very important aspect in the development of the AiO-connect is the extremely high degree of flexibility to support any Odoo interface requirement. The software concept allows to adapt the interface to implement even highly individualized business processes. 

Fast speed of system synchronization

AiO-Connect is fast. The synchronization of products running with up to 10 products and 7 orders per second.

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