Odoo System Check-up - free of charge!

Get a comprehensive proposal to improve your Odoo system

Get a second guess on your installed Odoo and receive a customized proposal on system improvements considering your major "pain points" and future software strategy. After our comprehensive analysis we are able to give you feedback and a recommendation on system enhancements. In order to get an efficient and lean process we have developed a standardized procedure with the following steps: 

1. You let us know your current "pain points" with the system and your future strategy regarding Odoo and software requirements.

2. We check your Odoo implementation to understand the configuration and customization of your set-up.

3. We conduct a 1-2 hours interview in order to get the full picture and be able to avoid misunderstandings.

4. You get a proposal for system improvements or upgrades so that you are able to decide, which measures should be taken.

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