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Salesforce, Zoho CRM & Odoo

Introducing CRM offers available today

Today’s CRM market offers a significant number of solutions and software alternatives. Some fit larger enterprises (which typically require on-premise hosting) while others apply more to the needs of SME’s (commonly utilizing a cloud-hosted solution).

When it comes to CRM solutions, providers must adapt their product to fit a constantly changing business landscape. For example, more and more CRM solutions are now becoming available for mobile. This is a crucial advantage for modern companies and brings versatility to their CRM usage. Being able to maintain your customer relationships directly from your phone or tablet changes the way you operate and manage your sales activities.

Customer expectations are changing regarding CRM functionalities and best practices. Modern businesses need more than just the ability to manage their contacts; a CRM has to offer other features such as efficient communication tools, emailing, phone or chat integration, being social, and most importantly, having a great user interface for your salespeople to be productive.

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"Sell smarter and faster with the world`s No.1 CRM"

The Salesforce CRM platform, called Sales Cloud, is a SaaS offer which allows your sales teams multiple cloud-based solutions that will help them to locate leads and close more deals.

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"The operating system for business"

Zoho is a business applications suite offering more than 30 apps to manage your company. Only available on the cloud, the apps are fully integrated and mobile friendly.

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"Grow your business"

Odoo is a full featured open source business software. More than 360 apps are available thanks to the multiple developments made by Odoo S.A. and its community.

Features compared

In order to offer a fair comparison of the top CRM solutions, we have compiled a table of the most important features a CRM should offer. These are organized into five categories: Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Marketing, Reporting, and Productivity & Usability.

We have also included a comprehensive list of the pricing conditions for each solution.

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Major findings and conclusion

Choosing and implementing a CRM solution is an important decision as well as a significant investment. It should be carefully considered with regards to your unique business needs and operations. If you are in the process of choosing a CRM solution, here are some points to consider before making your decision. 

When comparing the features of each solution, remember to consider the functional needs of the employees using the system in their daily operational tasks. Also, consider the business needs of decision makers in the organization; an optimal solution will support the efforts of all users. 

Be sure to pay close attention to the usability of the system you choose. Simplicity contributes to a faster adoption of the software for users, and ultimately allows the salespeople in your organization to be more productive. Most CRM solutions offer a free trial, so it’s easy for businesses to test independently in just a few minutes. 

As many CRM experts have mentioned, the future is mobile with integrated solutions supporting multi- channel sales and efficient communication. A mobile tool allows your employees to react quickly to customer requests while an integrated tool can seriously save time, empower users to operate more efficiently, and help maintain a clean, unified database. 

Lastly, don’t forget to look at the big picture. If a company’s long-term goal is to grow its sales volume, the best approach to choosing a CRM solution is to start with a solution that can follow that growth over time. To accomplish this, a flexible solution with robust features that can offer tools which work in tandem with the CRM to manage the business would be the ideal choice for a scaleable and cost-effective solution.

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