Review Odoo 10: Roadmap und Release Status

Lean Production: Manufacturing Reinvented

Odoo 10: Focus on MRP, PLM, quality and maintenance

With version 10, Odoo is going to focus on the topics production and manufacturing and sets new standards in terms of integrity, simplicity and speed. With the complete integration into the other apps such as CRM, ERP, PMS and WEB Odoo will expand and professionalize the functionalities significantly with the version.

Odoo 10 is going to stand for modern software design, complete integration of all work areas, real-time communication and simple / intuitive handling. If you, for example, want to introduce Lean Management concepts in the production area, Odoo is the perfect tool for you.


One Software for all requirements

Integration of different software solutions is time consuming and expensive. Odoo offers with the all-in-one approach a perfect alternative. 

Lean Production with Odoo 10

Today Informationen between different working areas has to be exchanged in real time, therefore Odoo ensures a fast communication and data transfer.

Modern, intuitive design for fun while working

Odoo has realized a very modern software design with drag&drop opportunities, clear views (e.g. GANTT- Charts) and is working everywhere on all devices.

Paperless production with Odoo MRP

All employees including machine operator are involved into the software and are able to exchange information directly.

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