Service SMEs: Is Odoo a match?

Odoo@Vectis a business case

Jean-Philippe Wagnon, founder of Vectis, explains the whole implementation process, starting with the situation before Odoo, the changes with Odoo, the scope, timing, cost and benefits: "We are a team of 12 specialised in Governance, Risk, Compliance, Organisation, Internal Audit, as trainings in those matter for the financial sector in Luxembourg. Our products are fixed price deliverables (e.g. documents), time and material consultings, e-learnings and office renting"

1. Our situation before Odoo 

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Complex and expensive system

Before Odoo we had four different applications to run our business. A CRM system to improve our client relationships, two applications to run our projects with timesheets and an invoicing tool. All systems had to be updated and integrated, therefore we were tackling problems with actual and correct information in the various systems. In addition we had to maintain 4 systems and pay licenses and services etc..

2. The Solution with Odoo

One integrated system for all needs

With Odoo we have implemented one system for all our requirements. It was very important to us that Odoo supports at least the functionality we had with the 4 previous systems. All of the different Odoo apps are fully integrated and therewith lead to a high reduction of time and cost. 

In addition we got more functionalities and even 2 additional applications, we didn`t have before. Another very important aspect was to use Odoo standard and try to avoid customization as far as possible.

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3. Scope

  • Team of 12 people was involved (1 admin, 2 sales, 9 delivery)

  • 4.000 CRM contacts (companies & individuals) had to be migrated

  • 85 projects and 20 trainings had to be implemented

  • 320 invoices were integrated

4. Timing

  • Decision process from October - June (9 months)

  • Project execution December - March (4 month)

  • Light and could have been faster

  • Time spend per employee: 2,5 days in total

5. Cost

  • Recurring fee for Odoo and Hosting: 3.300€ / year

  • Odoo Consulting: 4.650€

  • Internal Cost: 9.000€ (2,5 days * employee * internal cost)

6. Benefits

  • Drop in IT costs by 12T€ per year

  • More system integration and automated processes

  • Less errors and time waste by the team

  • Easier monitoring - corrective actions taken earlier

  • shorter meetings and faster reporting for management and board of directors 

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