Customer Success Story: eSolutions
22 June, 2020 by
Customer Success Story: eSolutions

Company Information | eSolutions

e.Solutions GmbH is a joint venture of Volkswagen AG and Elektobit Automotive GmbH. It develops and manufactures infotainment systems for VW automotives.

Headquarter: Ingolstadt, Germany

Industry: Infotainment Systems

Number of Employees: 225

Odoo Users: 9

Applications: Fleet, Studio

Infotainment systems in automotives contain central control and operating elements, and they play a significant role in the interaction between humans and machines. As a developer of infotainment systems, e.Solutions' main daily business challenges and pain points included general contract and fleet management, recording driver's logbooks and sending automatic email reminders for periodic maintenances and contract expirations.

In the decision process for a new fleet management software, they decided to implement Odoo in connection with Odoo Studio, because of the possibility to customize all views according to their specific needs. e.Solutions did not need to compromise on any functionality, process or information in the system. Also, the running cost and total cost of ownership (TCO) with Odoo were much lower than for a competing individual software.

Odoo Review 

e.Solutions values Odoo's user interface most. Also, the ability to customize the software system and the automated actions available in Odoo were exactly what they were looking for in a new fleet management software. 

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