Customer Success Story - gammatest GmbH
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Customer Success Story - gammatest GmbH

Company information | gammatest

Gammatest is a german metal-processing company, focussed on quality and safety testing of base materials. 

Headquarter: Castrop-Rauxel, Germany

Industry: Metal-processing industry

Number of Employees: 80

Applications: Accounting, Invoicing, Purchase, Inventory, CRM, Sales, Project Management, Web Portal


As a non-destructive materials testing specialist, gammatest offers a full range of testing to verify the quality and safety of their products. Especially in the metal industry and metal construction, the quality and thus safety of the products in the daily use depends on impeccable base materials and flawless processing. 

The successive implementation of Odoo as new general business software has been the overarching objective of this project when gammatest approached us. 

Odoo implementation

With the implementation of Odoo, gammatest aimed to successively replace their old business software in order to map their complete business processes with Odoo in the long-term. Due to their former business software and the necessary updates, it is required to implement Odoo in three different phases:

In Phase 1, the modules Invoicing, Accounting, Purchase and Inventory have been implemented in order to ensure the smooth running of the day-to-day business without disruptions. This first step has been successfully implemented. Following that, it is planned that in Phase 2, modules like CRM, Sales and Project Management were implemented so that the daily processes could be supported and handled more easily. Finally, in Phase 3 gammatest plans to implement the Web Platform as well, which allows to interact with their customers via the web portal.

For gammatest, the main advantages of using the Odoo business software are its independence and adaptability due to its Open Source environment.

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