Customer Success Story: Protel
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Customer Success Story: Protel

Company Information | Protel

Protel hotelsoftware GmbH is a German developer of technology and service solutions for the hotel industry and other related industries.

Headquarter: Dortmund, Germany

Industry: Industrial & IT Services

Number of Employees: 300

Odoo Users: 47

Applications: CRM, Sales, Subscriptions, Documents, Purchase, Accounting

As a software system developer specifically for the hotel industry, Protel needed an integrated business software to unify all of their daily business data in one system. Formerly, they had different systems for CRM, sales orders and accounting in use. Each of these systems worked with different data types, which meant a sale order had to be handled in four to five different systems or templates manually. They also used Excel heavily, and there was no standardization in product naming, description or pricing.

After OBS implemented Odoo for Protel, they noticed several immediate improvements. Overall data quality and process speed were improved, and there were fewer misunderstandings in the process. The error rate was also reduced drastically, since typing up the same order multiple times was no longer necessary. Also, as they reduced their manual use of Excel, fewer mistakes occurred. Protel's internal processes are now streamlined - from CRM to sending an invoice.

Besides using Odoo's basic ERP functions today, the future strategy for Protel is  to use Odoo as software for all areas of their company.

Odoo Review

What Protel values most in Odoo is the unification and integration of their various business functions in one system, preventing unnecessary paperwork. Also, the potential to integrate other systems in Odoo, or the use of Odoo in other areas in their company that are not system-supported today (e.g. a web portal for the management of partners and clients), offers a lot of growh potential for Protel to run their company as efficiently as possible.

Odoo is easy to use, highly flexible and incredibly powerful.

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