ERP Comparison

Odoo, Netsuite and MS Dynamics

In today's business landscape, almost every company, both small or large reaches the point where the implementation of an ERP software is absolutely essential in order to organise and standardise business processes. When looking at the market for ERP software, there are many offering and providers to choose between, which does not ease the decision making process on which software suits the needs of the businesses best.

In this Blog post, we would like to present and compare the features of the most popular cloud-based ERP solutions that are currently offered in the market (As of June 2018).

           Most popular ERP offers today: Overview

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

MS Dynamics NAV forms part of Microsoft's ERP software offerings and is split into two versions.

The Starter Pack offers basic functions in finance, accounting, distribution and professional services, while the Extended Pack contains warehouse and manufacturing management features on top of the Starter Pack's features.

There are two licenses available in MS Dynamics NAV: a perpetual license and a subscription license to an external service provider.

Users: 3.8+ million

Countries available: 165+

Client Organizations: 190,000


NetSuite is a solution for middle-sized tor larger organisations, and separates its software into four products that can be purchased separately. NetSuite ERP for inventory, supply chain, and financials. NetSuite CRM for sales and marketing, NetSuite Commerce for both web and on-site sales, and NetSuite PSA for project management.

There is also a version for multinational companies available, which is called "OneWorld" and encompasses the four versions mentioned above, as well as some additional features for multinational companies, e.g. multi-currencies or multi-accounting standards.

Countries available: 160

Client Organízations: 40,000

Apps: 312


Odoo is an open-source software that is available in three different versions: Odoo Online, which is hosted in the cloud, and Odoo Enterprise with optional Platform Hosting or On-premise hosting types. 

Odoo Online is the cloud-based edition of Odoo ERP and offers customized solutions specifically for smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Odoo offers more than 35 Apps, with each App dedicated to a specific business function. With its modular structure, Odoo makes it possible for smaller businesses and start-ups to start with only a few Apps, and adapt their software when sclaing their business. 

Moreover, in the Odoo Community there are currently around 22,000 Community Apps available.

Users: 4 Million

Countries available: 120+

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