Customer Success Story: Almac Imports
5 June, 2020 by
Customer Success Story: Almac Imports

Company Information | Almac Imports

Almac designs, manufactures and distributes wholesale baskets, boxes and packaging supplies. Over the last 57 years, they have been delighting their 5,000 customers in the food-service, floral, gift basket and grocery industries across North America.

Headquarter: Montreal, Québec / Albany, New York

Industry: Wholesale and Distribution

Number of Employees: 10

Odoo Users: 6

Applications: CRM, Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Purchase, Manufacturing, Website, Ecommerce, Email Marketing,                       Marketing Automation

Almac needed an integrated solution that could cover their growing omni-channel business. With a complex multi-lingual and multi-national customer base, they needed to reduce system duplication and get to a single version of the truth in the master data. They were using Quickbooks, Fishbowl Inventory, Magento, and Constant Contact, with individual software connectors between each of the systems, and were managing their own webserver. Managing and overlooking that many different softwares and tools for their business became a challenge, which is why they started to look for alternative software systems that enable full integration of all business processes and functions in one.

By implementing Odoo's Apps for CRM and Sales, Manufacturing, Purchase and Inventory, eCommerce, Website and Marketing Automation, Almac achieved full integration of all required functionalities and processes in one system. Odoo now provides them with one version of the truth (SVOT) and a simplified hardware and software solution. 

The implementation of Odoo enabled the business to grow as well as to acquire a competitor while keeping their existing headcount constant. Odoo significantly simplified new product uploads for eCommerce and continues to allow for more sophisticated pricing and promotion strategies. Odoo also allows Almac to gain better visibility of their inbound sales funnel and to automate customer communications with the help of the Marketing Automation App.

Odoo Review 

What Almac values most about using Odoo is its intuitive ease of use and full-integration capabilities. Also, they stated overall operating efficiency was improved significantly because of the ability to both create new master data and to modify existing data across various modules without having to leave the an existing record.

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