Customer Success Story: Robodev
29 June, 2020 by
Customer Success Story: Robodev

Company Information | Robodev

Robodev provides compact, modular industrial robotics systems and cost-effective, innovative automation solutions.

Headquarter: Karlsruhe /Germany

Industry: Industrial & IT Services

Number of Employees: 20+

Odoo Users: 9

Applications: CRM, Sales, Invoicing, Website, Helpdesk, Subscription, Inventory, Email Marketing

As a successful developer and manufacturer of industry robotics, it was about time for Robodev to optimize their administration processes. In the past, Robodev used several individual tools and applications instead of a single, integrated solution. Each tool required a lot of maintenance and their reporting functionality was insufficient. Therefore, they began looking for a new software solution.

After an extensive search, they chose Odoo. Odoo covered over 90% of Robodev's requirements in its standard system, and OBS, their Odoo Gold Partner, handled any implementation adjustments that needed to be made.

The reporting functionality in all of Odoo's apps was a decisive argument for Odoo, as it allowed the current business to be analyzed more comprehensively and for future company strategies to be developed more sustainably.

With the support of Odoo and OBS, Robodev was able to standardize and scale all relevant sales and marketing processes. Some funtions, such as the fully integrated web portal, are important topics for further growth aspirations for Robodev.

Odoo Review 

Odoo is now a significant enabler for Rovodev's business - especially in sales and marketing - to help them evolve from a small startup to a medium-sized company.

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