Somos su distribuidor de Odoo en Europa

Centrándonos en Alemania, España, Suiza, Austria, Escandinavia y Reino Unido

We are one of the fastest growing Odoo Partner worldwide and just got promoted to Gold Partner. Our european offices are located in Düsseldorf, Olpe and Belgrade. Through our close collaboration with Odoo S.A. we have exclusive access to Odoo developer and consultants, that develop as well the core Odoo system. Profit from the experience of more than 200 successful Odoo projects.

We are glad to consult you on how we  could improve your business and offer a free  DEMO de Odoo presentation focusing on your individual business needs. Odoo (Open ERP) is able to support many businesses "out of the box" - no need for big adaptation, development and adjustments. No integration of other software, because Odoo offers a full suite of apps, supporting all your business needs. In addition there is no license cost so the total software package is a lot cheaper than traditional business software.

Let`s give it a trial with our free  DEMO de Odoo!

With us - Your Interests First - always!

We believe, we can only be successful in the long term, if we consequently focus on customer requirements.

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Customer Focus

we look at everything we do from a customer perspective and have a strong competence in business consulting. 

Service Quality

we deliver our services with a high quality due to our standardized processes and wide service experience.

Minimum Cost

we focus on Odoo Standard with configuration possibilities and keep implementation cost to a minimum.


Odoo 12

Check out the new features of Odoo 12. This is by far the most complete solution of Odoo and with biggest developments made so far....




Apps de Odoo

Odoo is the best open source business software with more than 10.500 modules, which support all business requirements in one integrated solution. More than 3.700.000 user are working with Odoo. The software is license cost free and the fastest evolving business software worldwide. It is scalable and can be used by small and huge businesses alike. Más información sobre Odoo...

Odoo demo

DEMO de Odoo gratis

Es gratis - aprende de un experto Partner de Odoo cómo el software Odoo es capaz de dar soporte y hacer crecer tu negocio. El DEMO online de Odoo está enfocado en las necesidades específicas de su negocio and por lo tanto está100% personalizado a sus necesidades. La mayoría de los casos de negocios pueden ser apoyados de manera "out of the box" y para los requisitos más complejos ofrecemos un servicio de consultoría. Pruebe nuestra DEMO ahora...

Odoo Hosting

Odoo Hosting "Out of the box"

Odoo es capaz de dar soporte a muchas empresas mediante "out of the box". Con nuestro servicio Hosting de Odoo, ofrecemos la versión de Odoo community o enterprise en la nube. Además, permitimos módulos de partners de Odoo, desarrollo y/o integración legal en nuestra plataforma. Comience con nuestro servicio de Hosting de Odoo desde 80€/mes para todos los módulos. Have a look at Odoo Hosting...

Aplicaciones principales del Software Odoo

incremente sus ventas y mejore sus operaciones


Odoo CRMInvoicing




Punto de Venta



Partes de Horas


Odoo MRP Ventas




Odoo CRMEquipment

Odoo CRMVacations








Odoo MRP Maintain

Soluciones de Odoo para diferentes sectores y empresas

Retail • Manufacturing • Start-ups • Services

Software für Online Shops und PoS


Software for manufacturing industry


Software für Startup und Firmen in Gründung


Software für Startup und Firmen in Gründung