Customer Success Story: Headleveler
12 kesäkuuta, 2020 kirjoittaja
Customer Success Story: Headleveler

Company Information | Headleveler

Headleveler is a manufacturer and retailer of the high-quality, custom pillows, which have been recommended by health care professionals for over 30 years. They offer a made-to-measure concierge experience, offering washable, hypo-allergenic pillows for adults and children. 

Headquarter:  Montreal, Quebec

Industry:  Retail / Health care

Number of Employees: 10

Odoo Users: 10

Applications:  Sales, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing

As a successful manufacturer and retailer of pillows, Headleveler used an outsourced fullfillment center for their daily operations and needed better visibility into their order processing progress, inventory levels and shipment details. Before, they used Sage for accounting, manual Excel sheets for inventory control and faxed orders for submitting orders .

Headleveler implemented Odoo Sales, Inventory, Manufacturing and Accounting. The OBS team managed their migration to Odoo for their global omnichannel sales, warehousing, and distribution functions. The main challenges and pain points experienced before implementing Odoo were tracking the real-time status of order processing, viewing the stock on hand and shipment and understanding shipment and tracking information on completed orders. These pain point could all be eliminated by introducing Odoo.

Odoo Review

After implementing Odoo as new business management software, Headleveler significantly simplified their sales order processes, eliminated the manual processing of orders and the rekeying of data between the company and their fullfillment center, and benefited from real-time inventory reconciliation.

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