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The Human Resources and Recruiting sector plays a critical role in sourcing, attracting, and retaining the right talent for a company. However, HR & Recruitment can be a complex and time-consuming process, which is why many businesses turn to software solutions to streamline and optimize their tasks. Our Human Resources & Recruitment solution can help automate tasks such as job posting, resume screening, interview scheduling, and more, saving companies time and money while attracting and retaining top talent. It can also assist with managing the employee life cycle, e.g. creating on- and offboarding plans, tracking attendance and absences, and maintaining digital personnel records.

Our HR & Recruitment solution comes in three formats: cloud-based, on-premise, or a hybrid of the two. Cloud-based solutions are becoming increasingly popular as they provide greater flexibility and scalability, allowing businesses to access their HR & Recruitment software from anywhere at any time. With our solution, businesses can efficiently manage their HR processes from recruitment to retirement, ensuring they have the right talent in place for long-term success.

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About Odoo


Odoo's customers include companies of all sizes and industries: from small companies, such as start-ups, to medium and large multinational companies. Odoo’s suite of products is designed to serve any company size and industry. 

Odoo Apps

Odoo is the world's #1 open source management software that covers all your business functions with its comprehensive suite of 30+ main Odoo apps built-in, such as: CRM, Accounting, Inventory, Manufacturing, e-commerce, and many more.



Odoo is the best and most comprehensive business management software currently available in the market, and integrates all your business processes seamlessly. Find out more about Odoo's Top 6 features in this video.

OBS Solutions Features

Connect Timesheets with HR

Automated timesheet consideration of overtime and specific times in the HR modules

Automatic pricing for reselling licenses

Include an automatic pricing mechanism for reselling licenses or products depending on a purchase price list

Recruitment & Headhunting

Integrated HR platform with additional functionality for headhunters to manage recruitment and HR data

Event & Training Platform

Extension of the Odoo event and training platform to suit enterprise requirements and accommodate large events (>20,000 participants)

Stakeholder portal extension

Various extensions and workflows on the Odoo web portal to interact with and display information to different stakeholders

Handling provisions

Handling sales provisions with multiple calculation schemes and communication flows

Odoo - iTMS connection

Direct and online checks on anti-terrorism databases and systems

Credit score check with CRIF

Automated rules in Odoo with an interface to CRIF to check credit-worthiness

Electronic data interface (EDI)

Flexible EDI platform with the ability to connect to any other software, e.g., XML/RPC, CSV, XML, VDA, EDIFACT, Seeburger etc.

Odoo AI

Getting the knowledge, support and capability of the AI behind ChatGPT into Odoo

CRM Integration

Integration to other CRM tools like Salesforce, Hubspot, Whats-up or MailChimp


You can integrate your VoIP provider, like Onsip, Asterisk, etc., with Odoo and seamlessly handle your phone calls.

Email Integration

With Odoo's great interfaces, you can connect your Google Workspace or Microsoft 365 account with Odoo.

Timesheets variability

Timesheet extension to use exact times and incerease flexibility and automation

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