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Odoo's manufacturing management Apps support your manufacturing processes and supply chain and increase your company’s overall efficiency. They fully integrate with all other Odoo Apps, allowing you to manage all your product data in one system. Automate your procurements using made-to-order rules, minimum stock rules or the master production schedule and optimize your inventory levels!

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AH Industries

AH Industries is a specialist for precision products for the wind turbine, cement and mineral industry. 

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Primus Energy

Primus Energy manufactures, developes and provides consulting services for engines and machines, especially steam turbines and gears.

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Airtec Braids

Airtec Braids is a manufacturer of bonding straps and supplies leading aero space companies worldwide. Among Airtec's customers are companies like Airbus Operations and Lufthansa Technik. 

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 Robodev is an innovative developer and manufacturer of industry robotics.


Odoo MRP

With the new Odoo MRP, the solution is ready for the manufacturing industry. You can find more information in this video! 


AH Industries

Find out here how OBS implemented Odoo for a large manufacturing company! 

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