We are your Odoo Partner in Europe

With a focus on Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Scandinavia and UK 

Our european offices are located in Germany and Spain. Together with our Odoo Gold Partner Bista Solutions in America and Asia we employ more than 150 enthusiasts. Therefore you can profit from the experience of more than 200 successful Odoo projects. We are glad to consult you on how we could improve your business and offer a free Odoo DEMO presentation in German, English and Spanish focusing on your individual business needs.

Our service portfolio includes consulting, programming, development, hosting, training and a professional 24/7 support, so you can focus completely on your core business. Please have a look at our news and clients. More information regarding the company software you find here.

Odoo Software

is license cost free and the fastest evolving open source business software


Business Solutions

is driven by delivering the best solutions to all your business processes

Odoo Demo Präsentation beim Kunden 

 Success Stories 

profit form the experience of more than 200 successful Odoo projects

Danone, La Poste, Exki, Auchan WWF, Jamba Juice, Hyundai, Jack in the box


with our business partner we have implemented odoo successfully in more than 200 projects


Test our free Odoo DEMO presentation in english

Odoo (OpenERP) offers great tools "out of the box"

It is free - learn from an experienced Odoo Partner how the business software Odoo is able to support and grow your business. The online DEMO is focusing only on your specific business and therefore is 100% customized to your requirements. Odoo (Open ERP) is able to support many businesses out of the box - no need for big adaptation, development and adjustments. No integration of other software, because Odoo offers a full suite of apps, supporting all your business needs. In addition there is no license cost so the total software package is a lot cheaper than traditional business software. Let`s give it a trial!

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Main Odoo Software Applications

boost your sales and improve your operations













No License Cost.

All-in-one Software.

Performance. Stability.

Beautiful. Easy to use.

Worldwide 2.000.000 user.

Fastest evolving OS Software.

Odoo demo mit allen Apps auf deutsch

Odoo "Out of the Box"

Odoo offers many applications and a great flexibility. Especially for smaller businesses the standard modules can be taken, without development.

Choose your on premise installation, the cloud solution with a powerful Odoo hosting or the complete enterprise package... read more

App for 25€ per month

For a single Odoo App we offer a SaaS hosting with unlimited user for 25€ per month. The quality of most Odoo applications outperforms the top players in each category, therefore this is an unbeatable offer, no matter whether you need client manager, project organizer or a website.

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Software für Online Shops und PoS 

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"The Shop Solution"

Dealership Software for the Yachting Industry

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"The Yacht Solution"

Software für Startup und Firmen in Gründung 

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"The Start-up Solution"