Odoo Development by OBS
In our blog series "Implementing Odoo the OBS way,” we share more about our Odoo implementation development phases.
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Odoo Development by OBS

Odoo Development by OBS

Our "Smart Design" Methodology

Thanks to our "Smart Design" approach, customizing, individualizing and tailoring processes in Odoo according to specific client requirements is now a key strength of our organization. Smart Design means combining best-in-class methods and development procedures with our focus on Odoo Standard, even during complex customization projects.

Our methodology for adapting and developing Odoo systems combines Scrum and Kanban methods.

We create larger, coherent programming according to the Scrum methodology in various successive sprints. These could include the development and integration of new objects or the extensive expansion of existing modules. We summarize the individual tasks in sprints. Depending on the scope, these sprints take about two to three weeks.

In larger Odoo implementation projects that require a lot of customization, we recommend two to three development sprints per topic.

Smaller, targeted adjustments during the project or after its completion are implemented individually using the Kanban logic.

This enables us to provide small topics, regardless of the larger sprints, very quickly — sometimes within one day!

We also use our Odoo system as a project management system for the management of development tasks and the automated billing of services.

"Smart Design" Methodology

OBS-SDM Scrum General Procedure

In contrast to pure product development, customer projects with Odoo have different requirements in regard to flexibility, speed, quality, scope, size etc. For example, the fixed scrum methodology does not work in its pure sense, because it doesn't meet the requirement's flexibility and speed for most of the customer projects.

OBS-SDM Sprint

OBS-SDM Sprint Details

Over the past years we have taken good ideas from various project management methodologies like Kanban or Scrum and developed our own approach to successfully implement projects with Odoo. As it is the core of our business, we are always looking forward to improve the methodology.

Example: Encory GmbH

One of our best Odoo implementation examples is the implementation of the guarantee parts process for Encory, a joint venture of BMW and ALBA Group, with complex requirements in the logistic process flow. For this project, we had to develop the system's frontend 100% according to our client's requirements, but in the backend, all the automations, actions, and so on, could be implemented in Odoo Standard.


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