OBS Tailored Solution

Odoo optimized for medium-sized businesses.

Discover the advantages of the OBS Tailored Solution

  • Integrated business software (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS)
  • Flexibly adapted to individual business processes
  • Future orientation and growth in line with individual requirements
  • Implementation according to an "on-demand" approach 
  • In-depth experience from more than 500 successful projects

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OBS Tailored Solution
OBS Tailored Solution

Medium-sized companies with special workflows, tools, customers or other fixed requirements need software that is precisely tailored to their requirements and needs . Odoo for SMEs offers exactly these customization options to optimally reflect and manage very specific requirements .

As a professional Odoo partner and with deep experience from more than 500 successful projects , we can provide the support that is needed with our OBS Tailored Solution . We understand the need for customized solutions for specific requirements and needs.

Time and quality are factors that play a decisive role in developing medium-sized businesses in a meaningful and resource-efficient way. We know that sometimes there is no alternative to already well-established work processes . In other cases, however, it is worth looking for alternative solutions . Our OBS Tailored Solution offers the full flexibility needed to go both ways as required and the precise view to recognize the best solution in the analysis.

With our OBS Tailored Solution , we not only support the optimal implementation and use of Odoo . After the proof of concept, the analysis and the developed project plan, most companies can get started with Odoo for medium-sized businesses after just 6 months . At this point, your individual requirements have been compared and analyzed with the functional scope of Od oo for medium-sized business. You will also find the best solutions for your Odoo project in the detailed, comprehensive project plan .

You know your company, your customers and your individual work processes best and set the direction. If individual processes can still be optimized, functions expanded or digital processes streamlined, the OBS Tailored Solution is the right choice for your business.

Fast implementation and user-friendly operation of Odoo for medium-sized businesses 

When the decision is made to use Odoo for medium-sized businesses, the prerequisites for optimized solutions are met in the vast majority of cases.
With the detailed project plan , you have recorded the special specifics of your work, your customers and your company . The best solutions for your requirements and needs were found together through in-depth analysis . You receive a system that suits you perfectly . You will find all the data you need in your Odoo for medium-sized businesses exactly where you need it .

With the OBS Tailored Solution , we are expanding the strong Odoo standard and supplementing it with additional functionalities as required. To do this, we use our expertise, which has grown from more than 500 successful projects . This guarantees a powerful system that is precisely tailored to your needs and requirements, but is still kept as lean as possible, thus saving time and money . With the OBS Tailored Solution , you benefit in particular from our customer-centric approach : Our success is reflected in your success! To help you scale and expand your business, we do everything we can to find the best solutions and ways to further develop ourselves and our tools to provide you with the best possible support.

Successful medium-sized companies receive confirmation both from the market and from customer feedback that their way of working, their business and their service meet a real need and deliver added value . In line with this basic assumption, the spirit of the OBS Tailored Solution is fully in line with its users . The aim of the OBS Tailored Solution is to support the individuality and strength of medium-sized companies and to offer the opportunity for further development on the basis of the strong Odoo for medium-sized businesses. Companies that have successfully implemented projects with the OBS Tailored Solution are characterized by a high willingness to learn and acceptance of the software . They involved employees at an early stage and trained them extensively with Od oo for medium-sized businesses. This approach not only speeds up implementation , but also helps to ensure that Odoo for medium-sized companies becomes a sustainable and profitable integral part of work processes . When users approach the software openly and with a willingness to compromise and repeatedly try out its range of functions , a deep understanding of the software emerges.

Intuitive user interface for smooth use

Odoo keeps its promise of intuitive software . This means that workflows can be optimally developed with the software . This makes Odoo particularly attractive for medium-sized companies. Simple tools and manual processes can be combined and digitized with Odoo . This offers room and opportunity for growth in the area of one's own understanding of work and company design .

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Effective project management and resource planning

Odoo for medium-sized businesses adapts completely to your structures, which are the basis of your success: workflows in Odoo can be structured sensibly and interlinked for smooth processes . The alternative workflows supplied with the software, from which users of Odoo for medium-sized businesses can draw inspiration, save costs and enable them to further optimize their own processes without additional costs .

The OBS Tailored Solution provides the basis for further developments that were previously postponed . Once all requirements have been implemented, the development of Odoo for medium-sized businesses does not have to stop. Our Odoo experts will be happy to advise you on your options.

Streamline the management of your business processes with Odoo

ROI through optimized processes

When new software is introduced, this is the best opportunity to finally work paperless and to take another critical look at old and outdated work processes and optimize them. With Odoo, this is possible for medium-sized companies from day one .

Successful companies benefit from their USP, their market and customer experience (USP: Unique Selling Proposition). With Odoo, medium-sized companies can leverage these strengths in a more targeted, faster and stronger way at any time with little effort . In this way, the company's competitive advantage can be brought into focus and supported with the best software solution .

If the processes provided by the software are not sufficient, the OBS Tailored Solution comes into play and extends the functionality of the powerful Odoo for medium-sized businesses . Companies with special requirements and needs can rely on the expertise of OBS Solutions : We know that the companies themselves are the experts of their work and therefore set the direction. We recommend striving for a fruitful mix of common guidelines and trying out new things in order to achieve the best solution.

With the OBS Tailored Solution , the added value is given in any case, because with the investment in the new software , depending on the implementation concept, the full scope of Odoo for medium-sized businesses can be used directly or developed successively with the addition of functionalities.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements

The OBS Tailored Solution is designed to select exactly those functions for medium-sized companies with very specific requirements and needs that offer real added value in the long term and support growth . The aim is therefore to focus Odoo for medium-sized businesses in such a way that a fruitful balance can be achieved between well-functioning work processes and new, alternative approaches .

Maximum flexibility and scalability for future growth

The OBS Tailored Solution is the best basis for organic growth . Odoo for medium-sized companies serves as an efficient stepping stone for scalability . The software can adapt to the entrepreneurial spirit and thus not only optimally represent and manage the daily business according to the processes and company size,  but also adequately adapted to the budget . Functional areas can be added successively .

With Odoo for medium-sized businesses, flexibility is maintained. The company must react to changes in the market and customers . This is possible with the OBS Tailored Solution right from the start. Odoo for medium-sized companies has the capacity to efficiently cover and support all business areas even after strong growth . The OBS Tailored Solution is designed to optimally support the growth of companies with very specific requirements .

Discover your growth opportunities with the OBS Tailored Solution.

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