OBS Startup Solution

Odoo optimized for start-ups.

Discover the advantages of the OBS Startup Solution

  • Integrated business software (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS)
  • Future orientation, development, growth, scalability
  • Guidelines and support as required for independent company development
  • In-depth experience from successful projects as a startup incubator

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OBS Startup Solution
OBS Startup Solution

Anyone who sets up a start-up is breaking new ground. The strong future orientation, understanding and preference for modern working environments are part of the start-up focus. Odoo for start-ups offers precisely this modern working environment, which fits in particularly well with the spirit.

As an experienced Odoo partner and successful startup incubator, we can provide the support that is needed with our OBS Startup Solution. We understand the difficulties that slow down start-ups.

Time and budgets are tight and need to be managed wisely and resource efficiently. We know that start-ups want and need to go their own way in order to grow and develop independently. Our OBS Startup Solution provides the safety net and the freedom you need to allow startups to grow with confidence.

With our OBS Startup Solution, we not only support the optimal implementation and use of Odoo.

Often, commercial experience is not yet as extensive or target processes are not yet clearly defined. This is precisely where start-ups can build on our many years of experience, with more than 500 successfully completed projects in companies of all sizes and our experience as a start-up incubator.

Fast implementation and user-friendly operation of Odoo for start-ups 

If the decision is made in favor of Odoo for start-ups, the prerequisites for rapid implementation are met in the vast majority of cases.
There is no data migration or data imports to be carried out after a start-up. The system grows in direct step with customers and projects. The data is in the right place right from the start and is fully managed in the Odoo system.

With the OBS Startup Solution, we rely on the strong Odoo standard. This offers a powerful, smooth-running system whose implementation saves time and money. The organic growth of start-ups is also an advantage when it comes to implementation: the small team benefits from the fact that the official channels are short and all information reaches everyone quickly.

Since start-ups live digitalization from the ground up, the spirit of the OBS Startup Solution fully corresponds to the users. As a result, acceptance of the software is very high, which also results in a high willingness to learn. Everyone wants to learn more, break new ground and try things out. The flexibility that evolving workflows bring not only speeds up implementation, but also helps Odoo for start-ups to fit seamlessly into workflows. If users approach the software with an open mind and a willingness to compromise and try out its functions again and again, the best solution for the organic growth of start-ups is created from a deep understanding of the software.

Intuitive user interface for smooth use

Odoo keeps its promise of being intuitive to use. This means that workflows can be optimally developed with the software. This makes Odoo particularly attractive for start-ups. Simple tools and manual processes can be combined and digitized with Odoo. This offers room and opportunity for growth in terms of your own understanding of work and company design.

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Effective project management and resource planning

Odoo for start-ups already provides structures from which new companies and start-ups can benefit: By design, workflows in Odoo are sensibly structured and interlock for smooth processes. The basic framework provided, which users of Odoo for start-ups can use as a basis, saves costs and enables them to make the most of their often small budgets.

Over time, the framework is no longer sufficient and start-ups reach their limits. This is one of the clearest signs of growth in start-ups. This is exactly where our OBS Startup Solution comes in and offers support on demand.

Streamline the management of your business processes with Odoo

Fast ROI (return on investment) through optimized processes

Breaking new ground also means working paperless. This is already possible for start-ups from day one with Odoo.

Start-ups and founders benefit from their free spirit in their business. Sometimes this also means that processes are not yet fixed. They can also be adapted in Odoo for start-ups at any time with little effort. This allows them to react quickly to changes in the market, the company and legal requirements.

If the processes provided by the software are not sufficient, start-ups can rely on the expertise of OBS Solutions: We know that investors pursue different goals with the start-up and sometimes have different ideas about how the project will develop.

With the OBS Startup Solution, the added value is given in any case, because with the investment in the new software, the full scope of Odoo for startups can be used directly.

Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions for your individual requirements

The OBS Startup Solution is designed to select exactly those functions for start-ups from Odoo's wide range that currently generate real added value and support growth. The aim is therefore to focus Odoo for start-ups in a way that creates a fruitful balance between challenge and support.

Maximum flexibility and scalability for future growth

The OBS Startup Solution is the best foundation for organic growth. Odoo for start-ups serves as an efficient stepping stone for scalability. The software can grow with the company, not only according to its size, but also adequately adapted to the budget. Functional areas can be added successively.

With Odoo for start-ups, flexibility is maintained. The focus of the start-up can change, and the company must react to changes in the market. This is possible right from the start with the OBS Startup Solution. Odoo for Start-Ups has the capacity to efficiently cover and support all business areas even after strong growth. The OBS Startup Solution is designed for optimally supported growth.

Discover your growth opportunities with the OBS Startup Solution.

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