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Elevating business performance with custom Odoo implementations

Discover the advantages of the OBS Focused Solution

  • Integrated business software (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS)
  • Flexibly adapted to individual business processes
  • Perfect for large enterprises requiring targeted customization
  • Implementation according to an "on-demand" approach 
  • In-depth experience from more than 500 successful projects

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OBS Focused Solution
OBS Focused Solution

In the realm of large companies and corporations, the need for tailored software solutions is paramount. Our OBS Focused Solution addresses this need head-on by offering precise customization based on Odoo's standard software, ensuring seamless integration with your specific business processes.

What distinguishes our Focused Solution is its commitment to understanding and addressing your unique requirements. Through meticulous analysis and collaborative workshops, we craft a software solution that aligns perfectly with your operational nuances, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.  By leveraging Odoo's flexible development platform, we ensure that every aspect of the software resonates with your operational characteristics, be it in finance, HR, inventory, or any other focal area.

The advantages of our Focused Solution extend beyond customization. With lower investment costs and accelerated development timelines, you can quickly implement the solution without straining your resources. On top of that, we provide additional functions and services to augment the value proposition, ensuring that your solution remains adaptable to evolving needs.

For large companies and corporations seeking high-level individualization in focused areas, our OBS Focused Solution offers a pragmatic approach to achieving operational excellence.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Tailored Implementations: 100% alignment with your specific business processes. 
  • Rapid Deployment: Accelerated timelines for swift readiness. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive software for seamless employee integration. 
  • Cost Efficiency: Lower investment costs using Odoo. 
  • Expert Support: Dedicated Odoo experts available throughout your implementation.  
  • Optimized Project Management: Streamlined operations across departments and regions. 
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Adapts dynamically to market shifts and growing demands. 
  • Enhanced ROI: Profitability boost through optimized business processes. 
  • Adaptability to Growth: Evolves with your company’s needs, supporting expansions. 
  • Additional Functions and Services: Extra features from OBS to enhance efficiency and meet unique requirements.

Fast implementation and user-friendly operation of Odoo for large companies and corporations 

Stepping into the intricate world of large companies and corporations demands a software solution focused to navigate the complexities of diverse sectors and departments

Built upon Odoo's standard software, our Focused Solution offers 100% individual process mapping, ensuring seamless integration with your company's unique workflows. Lower investment costs, accelerated development timelines, and a suite of additional functions and services come standard with Odoo, enhancing the value proposition for your business.

Implementation begins with a meticulous analysis of your specific requirements, paving the way for collaborative workshops where we design the software to perfectly suit your needs. Leveraging the powerful capabilities of the Odoo development platform, we streamline this process, ensuring swift progress towards a focused solution.

Each Focused Solution implementation is customized to meet the distinct needs of your business, recognizing that no two enterprises are alike. This targeted approach ensures that the solution resonates with your operational nuances, delivering tangible benefits where they matter most.

Tailored for large companies and corporations seeking high-level individualization in focused areas, our OBS Focused Solution shines brightest. Whether you require customization across three or four key apps, our solution empowers you to navigate the intricacies of modern business with precision and efficacy.

Intuitive user interface for smooth use

Odoo delivers on its promise of intuitive software, enabling the optimal development of workflows. This makes Odoo particularly appealing for large companies and corporations. By seamlessly integrating simple tools and manual processes, Odoo facilitates their digitization, creating space and opportunities for growth in shaping one's own understanding of work and company design

Odoo Dashboard

Effective project management and resource planning

Our OBS Focused Solution offers tailor-made project management and resource planning solutions that fit seamlessly into your organizational structures - the basis for your success. Within Odoo, workflows are meticulously structured and interconnected, ensuring operations flow smoothly across diverse departments and geographies. Moreover, the inclusion of alternative workflows serves as a valuable asset, enabling users to optimize processes while reducing costs

With the OBS Focused Solution, we lay the foundation for realizing specific developments for large companies and corporations. Our team of Odoo experts is poised to assist you at every step, ensuring continuous growth and improvement.

Even our complex requirements could be mapped mainly in the Odoo standard, due to the focus, the Odoo competence as well as the feedback from OBS.

Karen B. Pedersen •  Head of Supply Chain at AH Industries

Streamline the management of your business processes with Odoo

ROI through optimized processes

When implementing new software, it presents the prime opportunity to transition to paperless operations and reassess outdated processes for optimization. Odoo facilitates this transition seamlessly from day one.

Successful enterprises thrive on their Unique Selling Proposition (USP), market insights, and customer experiences. Our Focused Solution empowers large companies to leverage these strengths more efficiently, rapidly, and robustly with minimal effort. Thus, spotlighting the company's competitive advantage and reinforcing it with the finest software solution.

If the processes provided by the software fall short, our Focused Solution steps in, enhancing the functionality of Odoo. Companies with unique requirements can rely on OBS Solutions' expertise: recognizing that companies themselves are experts in their field, we prioritize aligning with their direction. We advocate for a balanced approach, combining established practices with experimentation to achieve optimal solutions.

With our Focused Solution, value addition is assured. Investing in new software unlocks the full potential of Odoo for large enterprises, either through direct implementation or gradual enhancement with added functionalities, depending on the chosen implementation concept.

Maximize your operational excellence with the custom-tailored Focused Solution by OBS

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