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Sabrina Jung, OBS Solutions Germany

"We don't just introduce software; we use your full potential by bringing together a team of experts. Together, we enhance your company's performance and take your organization to the next level."

Sabrina Jung  • OBS Solutions Germany

OBS Solutions closes a gap that exists with conventional, common ERP systems using Odoo in Germany.

We have further developed Odoo with our OBS industry solutions to specifically address special industry-specific needs and requirements. Our OBS industry solutions have been developed by and with our experienced industry experts in order to combine know-how with best-practice approaches from real-life experience to meet the requirements and needs of the industry optimally.

In addition, we offer our GoBD module for optimal accounting in Germany. As Odoo Partner Germany, this enables us to provide our customers with a smooth audit in accordance with IDW PS 880 by the tax office and tax auditors with GoBD certification.


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57462 Olpe

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OBS team and office
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Embedded in the beautiful natural landscape of Sauerland, with the Biggesee and wooded hiking areas, the traditional office building in the castle reinforces the contrast between tradition and progress, which we reconcile with Odoo in Germany. As Odoo Partner in Germany, we are constantly developing our work processes and the Odoo software in a future-oriented manner in order to offer our customers sustainable solutions for the future.

OBS Office Germany

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Frequently asked questions

Odoo is a software solution that offers an integrated ERP system at its core. But beyond that, the software has evolved into business software that is used in all subareas of a company and supports work processes in a meaningful way. The software is aimed at companies of all sizes and orientations. A closer look at Odoo, its history, philosophy and functionality can be found here:

What is Odoo?

As Odoo Partner in Germany, we have added important, useful enhancements to Odoo in Germany. This enables us to optimally support Germany-based companies for the German market, meeting the legal requirements with optimized software solutions.

In order to satisfy the special needs of individual industries in the German market, we have extended Odoo in Germany with our OBS industry solutions to add real value as an Odoo Partner in Germany.

Our solutions for Odoo in Germany include not only software enhancements and customizations but also optimized service solutions with benefits for the German market, such as our OBS Cloud Hosting, which includes particularly strong data protection and security settings.

GoBD Certification for OdooOBS Industry Solutions  | OBS Cloud Hosting

When looking for the right Odoo Partner in Germany, we recommend checking not only the location but also the experience and expertise.

Our recommendation is to look for proprietary developments and customer reviews that relate to the Odoo Partner in Germany. Regardless of the software, a reliable Odoo partner should offer Odoo in Germany solutions that run smoothly and provide real value to customers in Germany.

As a successful, professional Odoo Partner Germany, we are the partner of choice for your Odoo project. Our experience and deep software knowledge as an Odoo Gold Partner make us one of the leading German Odoo Partners in Germany.

As a successful, professional Odoo Partner Germany, we always base our implementation on the requirements and needs of our customers. We have optimized our implementation process with our experience from numerous successful Odoo projects and our deep software knowledge with best-practice approaches. Thus, we always offer our customers in Germany the best solutions to carry out their Odoo implementation optimally and according to their individual requirements and needs.

Odoo Demo | OBS Implementation | Consultation & Configuration | Odoo data setup & migration | Odoo System Validation & Integration Testing

As a successful, professional Odoo Partner Germany, we train our customers comprehensively during implementation with practical training in your own test system with real data online or on site. During implementation, we support you in setting up the system, training, customizing, consulting and selecting the best workflows for you.

Even after implementation, we remain at your side as a reliable Odoo Partner Germany and support our customers with further training, consulting and customization of the software if required.

OBS Implementation | Odoo end-user training | OBS Aftersales 

As a successful, professional Odoo Partner in Germany, we participate in Odoo Roadshows in Germany and, there, offer the opportunity for personal conversations and exchange with our experts and other Odoo enthusiasts.

OBS Solutions is also part of the BOP Alliance, which is especially relevant for expanding and globally networked companies. Thus, for Odoo customers in Germany, we also offer international, on-site support with experts all over the world.

Discuss your individual Odoo requirements with one of the leading Odoo partners in Germany and learn more about Odoo in Germany. All dates can be found in our blog.

OBS Blog  | BOP Alliance

We are particularly proud to offer our customers solutions that fully comply with the German legal requirements for Odoo in Germany. This includes, for example, our GoBD module with GoBD certification, which enables a smooth audit according to IDW PS 880 by the tax office and tax auditors without additional effort.

Odoo can be used in almost every industry in Germany. This is exactly what our OBS Industry Solutions places special emphasis on, as Odoo Partner Germany of choice. Our solutions fully map industry-specific workflows and optimally support industry experts in their daily work.

As an Odoo Partner in Germany, we have also taken the requirements for data protection and data security into special consideration in our service offering for Odoo in Germany and offer optimized hosting solutions.

GoBD Certification for Odoo |  OBS Industry Solutions   OBS Cloud Hosting

Customer success stories: Which companies in Germny have successfully implemented Odoo and what results did they achieve?

The number of Odoo customers Germany is steadily increasing. Former SAP customers, start-ups, as well as companies of all sizes looking for new enterprise software or single solutions are among our successful customers. German and international companies based in Germany trust OBS Solutions as a successful, professional Odoo Partner Germany.

In the OBS customer database, you will find numerous examples of satisfied customers who have successfully implemented Odoo in Germany according to their needs and requirements.

OBS Customer Database

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