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The needs and requirements of each business industry are different. Nevertheless, there are business areas that you absolutely need in a certain industry and others that are less useful.

That's why we developed the Odoo industry solution. The Odoo industry solution summarizes the most important business areas and offers all modules, apps and tools directly tailored to your industry.

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OBS Industry Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing & Logistics

The tasks of an industrial operation are diverse. Adapted to this, Odoo's manufacturing management apps support your manufacturing and supply chain processes and increase your company’s overall efficiency. Discover the Odoo industry solutions for Industrial Manufacturing & Logistics.​

E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale

The work process in the e-commerce, retail and wholesale industry largely depends on areas such as warehousing, finance, CRM, sales, marketing, website, or e-commerce. Discover the Odoo industry solutions for E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale.

Professional Services, IT & Communication

Odoo's fully integrated Project Management, Field Service or CRM apps can help you get a real-time overview of your opportunities and available resources to manage your service company better. Discover the Odoo industry solutions for professional services, IT and communications.​

Real Estate & Construction

With its various functions and applications, Odoo offers a system in which agents, project developers and administrations of real estate can work together. 
Discover the Odoo industry solutions for Real Estate & Construction.

Healthcare & Life Sciences


Our solutions help companies to meet the unique needs of the healthcare and life sciences industries. Benefit from Odoo's all-in-one software covering all your processes in one tool, simplifying and speeding up your work processes. Discover the Odoo industry solutions for Healthcare & Life Sciences.



Pharmacies are important manufacturers, testers and sellers of pharmaceuticals and medical products. Extensive, professional advice on pharmaceuticals is one of their main tasks. Our solution for pharmacies not only offers the possibility to think pharmacy in a completely new way, but also to optimize essential work steps.

Energy & Water Supply

We support specialists in the energy and water supply sector by providing a platform and solutions specifically tailored to the individual needs of this sector. Odoo’s applications range from supporting financial matters to applications for manufacturing water or energy treatment plants. Discover the Odoo industry solutions for Energy & Water Supply.

Other Indsutries

Odoo supports smaller businesses and every other type of business, whether you need a full range of applications or only one application. We also offer solutions for other business areas that cover all requirements. Discover the Odoo industry solutions.

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