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Individual hosting solutions for your needs: Odoo Cloud Hosting, On-Premise and more

The Odoo hosting types

Whether you are planning to host your Odoo system in the cloud for the first time, operate it locally or switch from a local system to cloud hosting, we offer you the right solution. Benefit from our comprehensive advice and discover the variety of Odoo hosting options.

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OPaaS Cloud

Our preferred Odoo Cloud Hosting solution that combines the features of the other Odoo Hosting types and offers additional exclusive benefits. With OPaaS Cloud you get a complete installation, optimized server networks and first-class all-round support from our Odoo Cloud Hosting experts. This solution offers the highest flexibility and meets exceptionally high data protection and security requirements. 

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  • Cloud-based 
  • Complete all-round package with all services and functions 
  • High security standards 
  • Server locations in North America, Europe and Germany
  • ideal for GDPR-compliant hosting 
  • Unlimited compatibility with all Odoo versions - no upgrades needed
  • User-friendly: Find your way around immediately thanks to the same user interface as odoo.sh. 
  • Full control over infrastructure 
  • Customized firewall
  • Flexible pricing
  • For further information visit: www.opaas.cloud
OPaaS Cloud


Odoo.sh offers extended functions compared to Odoo Online. It enables the creation of a cloud-based database with custom development and third-party apps. It also offers integrated developer and sysadmin tools, including GitHub integration and automated testing.


  • Cloud-based 
  • Customization and third-party apps possible 
  • Integrated developer and system admin tools 
  • Continuous integration and automated tests

Odoo Online 

Odoo Online is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). In just a few seconds and with just a few clicks, your cloud instance is ready for use. You simply need to connect via a web browser with your login credentials to access your database. Odoo takes care of all maintenance, including migration to updated versions and data backup.


  • Cloud-based 
  • Internet connection required 
  • No installation required 
  • No server maintenance required 
  • No third-party apps possible
Odoo Online

Comparison of Odoo Cloud Hosting types

Compare Odoo Online, Odoo.sh and OPaaS Cloud to find the best Odoo Hosting solution for your business.

Service Catalog

Odoo Online


OPaaS Cloud

Quick and easy setup

Automatic Backups

Email Gateways

Odoo certified Apps

24/7 Monitoring

Third party applications

Integrated developer and system admin tools

SSH access

DNS & Routes

Staging & Backup Server

Github Integration

Hosting in North America, Europe or Germany

GDPR compliant

Compatible with all Odoo versions - no upgrades needed

Full control over infrastructure

VPN tunneling and IP access control

Customer-specific Firewall

Odoo Community

Archive systems

Odoo On-Premise

Odoo On-Premise

With this type of implementation, you are responsible for everything related to the operation of Odoo. You need to download the software and install it either on your computer or on your server. This offers full control and autonomy, but requires advanced technical knowledge.


  • Local installation 
  • Customization possible 
  • Installation of third-party apps possible 
  • Technical knowledge required 
  • Full control, full autonomy and full responsibility

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