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Our experience encompasses over 500 completed projects, which we leverage in all our Odoo implementations, along with our proven best practice approach. Over time, we have developed specialized tools and refined our methods to deliver maximum benefit to your business.

We offer five different integration approaches tailored to the size and requirements of your company. Odoo's new pricing makes the platform particularly attractive to startups and small businesses.

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We implement Odoo for companies of any size

Business Software for Startups

With Odoo Standard as the foundation, our OBS Startup Solution provides solid ground under your feet that give you the grip to reach for the stars. Revolutionary ideas, rethinking and reshaping; we share and support the passion and lifestyle of startup companies with our experience as a startup incubator.

Our OBS Startup Solution aims to accompany you on your journey while creating space and opportunities for your creativity and new approaches.

This Odoo solution is best for Startups with standard requirements for an integrated company software system (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS).

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OBS Standard Solution

Standard Business Software for Small Businesses

Thanks to its substantial set of existing apps, tools and configuration options, Odoo can easily be implemented "out of the box," especially for smaller companies. 

Our Standard Solution starts with an Analysis Workshop to demonstrate Odoo’s capabilities, define the project requirements and draw a detailed project plan. Then, we start implementation with our "quick implementation" approach for new businesses, the system is typically ready to go live within two months.

This Odoo solution is best for companies with up to 50 users and has standard requirements for an integrated company software system (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS).

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OBS Tailored Solution

Tailored Business Software for Medium-sized Businesses

In addition to Odoo’s extensive configuration options, we can also flexibly adapt Odoo to fit your unique business processes. 

For businesses opting for our Tailored Solution, the project usually starts with a Proof of Concept, where detailed requirements are analyzed and Odoo’s capabilities are demonstrated based on different departmental needs. Then, we will draft and present a comprehensive project plan. 

The tailored implementation is based on our "on-demand" approach, the system is usually ready to go live in about six months.

This Odoo Solutio​n is best for companies with more than 50 users with customized requirements for an integrated company software (ERP, CRM, WEB, PMIS).  

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Focused Business Software for Large Companies and Corporations

Our OBS Focused Solution provides 100% individual process mapping based on Odoo’s standard software. Benefits like lower investment costs, faster development, additional functions and other services are included with Odoo. 

For Focused Solution implementations, the project starts with an analysis of your business’s specific requirements, followed by workshops to design the software to suit your unique needs. Fortunately, the powerful capabilities of the Odoo development platform help to ease this process.

A focused implementation usually has to be customized to suit the unique needs of each business.

This Odoo solution is best for large Companies and Corporations that need high level individualization with a specific demand in a focused area (3-4 apps).

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Business Software for Multinational Companies

Our OBS Multinational Solution includes valuable first-hand experience from businesses all around the world through the network of the BOP Alliance (Best Odoo Partners). Our OBS Multinational Solution includes the exchange and integration of Odoo experts around the world.

The worldwide, multinational coordination of successful Odoo partners is our OBS Multinational Solution’s core strength.

This Odoo solution is best for Multinational  Companies working in an international setup in multiple locations.

Our Services

Different topics are considered when implementing Odoo, and we have different approaches for these various topics depending on your requirements.

Odoo Analysis


Sign up for an Odoo Workshop or Odoo Proof of Concept session with us, and we will assess your system needs and provide you with an in-depth Odoo project estimate for your specific implementation requirements.

Odoo System


Learn about Odoo Enterprise, Odoo Hosting and our Odoo On-premise possibilities. We have the right system setup for you — no matter your requirements.

Odoo Implementation


Our agile project implementation comes with standardized base procedures and price packages for small and more significant projects alike.

Odoo Aftersales


A successful project doesn't end when the system goes live. We offer service contracts to meet your ongoing needs, whether you need adaptions, extensions or general support.

We implement Odoo for companies of any size

Trust our OBS experts and get advice on your Odoo implementation for your company’s size.