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Insights into the Use of Odoo

Odoo, the cost-effective, powerful, integrated ERP software, is characterized by exceptionally high flexibility. Both customers and implementers appreciate the customizability and the range of functions that Odoo offers at a particularly low price. Even though it is considered ERP software, numerous Odoo customer reviews show that it covers much more in its range of functions. Several Odoo reviews praise the software’s modular structure and clean dashboard. The genesis and development of the Odoo software is also an exciting story.

What is Odoo?


Selected Odoo customer reviews


Customer reviews on the use of Odoo

Many of our customers describe in their Odoo reviews that the software is easy to use. The strengths of the clear, well-structured dashboard, the smart buttons, and the system-internal links at sensible points are obvious: The user quickly finds his way around, avoiding unnecessary clicks, because Odoo can be perfectly adapted to lived work processes.

Even our complex requirements could be mapped mainly in the Odoo standard, due to the focus, the Odoo competence as well as the fast feedback from OBS.

Karen B. Pedersen Karen B. Pedersen • Head of Supply Chain at AH Industries

Based on the versatile Odoo customer reviews and our own Odoo experience, we developed the OBS industry solutions with our industry experts. With our OBS industry solutions, we offer Odoo solutions that are accurately tailored to the needs and requirements of specific industries, so that time-consuming adjustments to the software are unnecessary. In this way, we create the opportunity for the best Odoo experience right from the start.

Industry Solutions

Industrial Manufacturing & Logistics  E-Commerce, Retail & Wholesale  Professional Services, IT & Communication  Real Estate & Construction  Healthcare & Life Sciences   Energy & Water Supply  Other Industries


Odoo functions and advantages

Odoo is always of particular relevance in situations where alternatives are sought for other, usually well-established, ERP providers. Due to our implementers' experience, we can estimate and competently manage the changeover from other software providers to Odoo in terms of effort and budget. 


Software Comparison

Of course, Odoo covers all important ERP functions, and Odoo reviews show that the software is also used for many other business areas. The best features of Odoo are compelling, especially with an additional look at the price-performance ratio.

Top Features


Many Odoo customer reviews pick up on the basic idea of the software: it is different from the usual offers on the market. It differs in its proposition: Odoo does not want to adapt to the market. It instead wants to map and optimize the functions and processes that are relevant in everyday work in the best possible way. The software is different, and Odoo customers appreciate that.

Compared to a major market player, Odoo IS more than an ERP.

 Dr. Thomas KoliwerDr. Thomas Koliwer • EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH & Co. KG

Customers who have used other well-established software in the ERP market often mention Odoo's different proposition in their Odoo reviews. They see the numerous advantages of using the Odoo software. Unlike other software providers, Odoo can adapt to work processes thanks to its particularly flexible nature. This means that businesses can eliminate the tedious and time-consuming conversion of work processes.

Setup and Manage Odoo

We now have full transparency and can access the system from anywhere, which has allowed us to increase our efficiency and customer turnover.

Ramona Geigenberger Ramona Geigenberger • Managing Partner at Interior House Mallorca

With OBS Solutions as your implementation partner, you can rely on our multi-faceted and in-depth Odoo experience and knowledge. The implementation and successful completion of small to complex and international projects is our core business.

The essential points in Odoo implementation can be summarized as follows:

Not only do we, as Odoo implementers, benefit from our deep and broad Odoo knowledge, but customers who get to know and use the software intensively also have positive Odoo experiences. We appreciate it very much when our customers gain experience with Odoo, want to know, and familiarize themselves with the software.

Odoo integration options

Although Odoo is a fully comprehensive business software that offers more functions than a pure ERP system, it may not always be the right call to transfer all business processes to the software. Legal (and local-specific) requirements may even prohibit a transfer to Odoo, as is often the case with tax requirements. In such cases, customers will be able to integrate Odoo with those other business processes through the Odoo interfaces. With secure, well-maintained interfaces, all data and processes can be accessed and executed conveniently, securely, and efficiently. Through our deep multinational Odoo experience, we have identified and continue to identify interfaces that provide high value for our customers.

Some processes are so perfectly mapped and optimally managed by our customers in other software and tools that it offers no added value to change this. In such cases, interfaces for connecting applications, devices, and processes are the best choice.

In our continuous, intensive examination of Odoo customer reviews and of our Odoo experts, who work with Odoo on a daily basis, we have created meaningful Odoo integration options. That's how we make every Odoo experience better.


Insights from Odoo projects

If you look at our customers’ Odoo reviews, you will see that many of them switched to Odoo from other software because they are convinced of the benefits of the Odoo software.

Part of our service is to keep our customers' software systems lean and efficient. This includes providing our customers with Odoo alternatives to previously outsourced functions and tools as soon as they meet the customers' needs. In this way, our customers can expand their Odoo experience long-term and continue optimizing their daily work with Odoo, eliminating colorful software landscapes in stages according to the pace of the employees and the software development.

Each Odoo project has its own individual Odoo customer review. But even though the requirements of each company and the desired software implementation are unique, all customers have one thing in common: while searching for the right solution for their business, they read Odoo reviews from their business role models or other companies in the industry. We are aware of this and pride ourselves on our authentic customer reviews. Discover authentic Odoo reviews in our OBS customer database.


Customer Database  


Odoo extensions and additions

With intensive experience with Odoo, it becomes easy to identify the software’s gaps and weaknesses. These gaps and weaknesses sometimes come up in Odoo reviews. 

While we have similar experiences with our customers, our tasks as Odoo implementers go further because we not only identify these gaps, we go on to close them. At OBS, we continuously evaluate our Odoo experiences and customers’ Odoo reviews to identify opportunities to enhance the software. From studying Odoo reviews, we discovered gaps and created OBS Solutions to address these gaps. For these areas, we have developed the OBS solutions: 

OBS Finance Solutions 


More than Odoo standard and more than software customizations: Our OBS solutions close gaps that become a problem in everyday work with useful Odoo extensions and additions. Seamless data management and information placement exactly where you need it - that's the idea behind our offering with the help of our Odoo experts and from our broad Odoo experience.

As an Odoo user, you can also rely on the Odoo experience of the large, active Odoo community. Developers all over the world are continuously creating extensions and additions to the Odoo offering. Also, some of our projects are supported by useful extensions and additions and contribute to positive Odoo reviews from our customers.


Odoo Reviews Conclusion

Odoo's versatility is reflected in every Odoo review and experience. Odoo offers more than just the standard. ERP applications form the core of the powerful software, but many other business areas are also optimally supported by Odoo. Almost every business area finds easy support for everyday work processes with Odoo. Even more: All Odoo functions are fully integrated with each other. Thus, system processes interlock in a meaningful way, and duplicate manual data entries or transfers to subareas are eliminated.

I was really surprised to learn about the variety of apps that can be integrated, and also about what is already included in the starter package.

Dr. Thomas Koliwer Dr. Thomas Koliwer • EMKA Beschlagteile GmbH  & Co. KG

Odoo is extensible. Odoo is aware that one software alone cannot perfectly map all business functions at the same time. So, it’s made it possible for users to connect other software with Odoo interfaces in areas where the software has not yet integrated from within itself. This possibility of customizability is also a common practice at OBS Solutions and can be found in many of our Odoo customer reviews.

The greatest strengths and advantages of the software run like a red thread through all Odoo reviews: Odoo is modern and constantly evolving. Every year, improvements to previous features are released, streamlining processes. Unnecessary processes and obsolete functions are sorted out. This keeps the Odoo software lean, fast, and efficient.

The cost model is irresistible. Odoo's cost-effective offerings are probably the most frequently mentioned point in Odoo reviews. Hardly does any Odoo customer review not speak of the compelling price model. Especially for small and medium-sized businesses, Odoo is very attractive because all important functions are available at a fraction of the usual market price.

Write your own Odoo review and enable your business to take a leap of growth.

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