Odoo Enterprise

Get the full power of Odoo with the Odoo enterprise edition.

The Odoo Enterprise contract includes additional services like free version upgrades, a "bug-free guarantee" with unlimited Odoo S.A. support, additional modules and features, an advanced user interface and mobile usability.

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Future upgrades of the standard Odoo system at no cost.


Unlimited bug-fixing support for the standard Odoo system.


Access to modules that are only available in Odoo Enterprise.


Exclusive access to the latest features only in Odoo Enterprise.


A modern user interface to enhance usability and accelerate processes.


Responsive design and mobile apps to use Odoo on the go with any device.

Odoo Server Solutions

Decide between using our fully-integrated Odoo Cloud Hosting platform and installing the system on your own server.

Odoo Hosting

Our Odoo Hosting Platform is your carefree all-in-one solution, with servers based in North America and Western Europe. It integrates master, staging and development databases and is closely linked to GitHub. 

Odoo on-premise

If you prefer hosting Odoo on your own server, we offer a test and development platform to ensure smooth improvements, updates and upgrades to your Odoo.  

Odoo Enterprise - Services

  • Upgrades included for free: All future upgrades of the standard Odoo are cost-free (excludes the customized parts of your system) 

  • Odoo S.A support: Get direct support from Odoo developers

  • User interface: Enjoy the astonishing design of Odoo Enterprise 

  • Odoo mobile: Use the complete system everywhere, on all devices 

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Odoo Enterprise 17 - Modules

Odoo Apps
  • HR Payroll: exclusively available in Odoo Enterprise 

  • Quality Management: define control points, quality alerts and checks 

  • PLM: track your BoM and routings, manage engineering changes, and handle document management

  • Consolidation: an enhanced module for better handling of multiple companies

  • Field Service: improves access to Odoo for your field staff

  • Marketing Automation, Social Marketing, and Mass SMS: powerful tools to streamline your marketing efforts and communication strategies. 

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Odoo Community vs. Odoo Enterprise

Look at which version suits your company best


Odoo Enterprise 17 integrates all your business processes seamlessly!

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Sales & Marketing

  • Customer Portal: Provide your clients with online access to your system.

  • Subscriptions: Efficiently manage subscriptions and recurring invoicing.

  • PoS Loyalty: Implement a loyalty program with rewards and points for your customers.

  • Email Templates: Create marketing templates to enhance your communications.

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  • Project GANTT and Grid view: Obtain a comprehensive overview with the project management app.

  • Barcode Integration: Streamline processes with complete barcode integration.

  • Shipping Connector: Enhance goods shipping with connectors to UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

  • Platform Connector: Automatically link your sales with eBay and Amazon. 

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  • MPS (Master Production Schedule): Utilize the master production schedule for advanced planning.

  • Work Center Tablets:  Improve information exchange in work centers.

  • Production Losses: Track overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

  • Improved Reports: Enhancements in costing, maintenance, quality, and traceability reporting.

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  • Dynamic Accounting Reports: Adjust reports flexibly based on your requirements.
  • Automated Payment Follow-up: Automatically send follow-up emails to your clients.
  • Bank Interface: Sync bank feeds or import bank statements.
  • Multi-Company: Facilitate interactions between multiple internal companies. 
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  • VoIP: Utilize the integrated VoIP integration for seamless communication.
  • Digital Signature: Sign contracts or documents online within seconds.
  • Employee Appraisal: Conduct periodic employee evaluations.
  • Mobile App: Utilize the timesheet chrome and mobile app for enhanced accessibility. 

With Odoo Enterprise, there are plenty of possibilities.

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