Official release of Odoo 10

Improved user interface, increased performance and many new features...

Have a look at all the new features and improvements at Odoo 10. Every new version of Odoo brings the software to a new level regarding integration, usability and features. Odoo 10 has invented the MRP completely new. In addition the website builder and ecommerce has been improved. Many small things have been adapted in order to raise the user interface. With Odoo Helpdesk and Odoo Expenses new modules have been introduced. Last but not least the new API enhances the speed and performance of the system.


Odoo MRP

Odoo MRP combines all necessities of a modern production environment. One software for very different activities, you normally need 10 separate applications e.g. work centers are equipped with Tablets. Therewith workers can access directly and work with all information in real time.

 Odoo MRP in more detail


PLM, Bill of Material, Versioning, Routings, Worksheets


Planning, Control panel, Work orders, MPS, Routes


Control points, checks (SPC), alerts


Equipment management and maintenance requests 

Improved performance with new API

In order to achieve a huge improvement in system speed and performance it was necessary to change the API. Odoo 10 is working with a new API. Further on the backend was optimized. Thanks to QWeb compilation, improved controllers codes and page caching the website is much faster.

Please have a look at the small demonstration on the right.

Odoo image and text block

Enhanced User Interface

  • fast access to all views with shortcuts

  • interactive tips while using the system

  • show content examples to see possibilities

  • use the mobile app for all applications in a hybrid system

New Website Builder & eCommerce

  • Improved page builder

  • Extended website themes

  • Better building blocks with more options

  • New backend

  • Product Configurator

  • Magnifier and multi images

  • Price and tax handling

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New App: Helpdesk

Improved service support and sales with a direct interaction. The "Helpdesk" is integrated with all the amazing Odoo apps for example the client portal, client survey, life chat, forum, FAQ and much more. Easy to use with a dashboard to control all activities and performance.

Expenses with Odoo

  • Make a foto of your expense reciept and send immediately by email

  • Present all receipts at once

  • Odoo creates automatically the expense report

  • Invoice directly to the client

  • Send the information to your manager for approval

  • Get fast and direct reimbursement

  • Improved reporting to maintain a complete overview


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