Odoo 14 - expected features
31 August, 2020 by
Odoo 14 - expected features

Like every year in October, Odoo will release its latest version - Odoo 14 - including highly anticipated extended and improved features. At Odoo Business Solutions (OBS), we are already very excited to finally see what kinds of time-saving hacks an other functions Odoo has been working on during the last year.  

But before we go into detail and show you some of what is in Odoo 14, let's first take a look at how Odoo S.A. collects information to decide which improvements, additional apps or features to include in each new version.

How does Odoo determine the features and new functions to work on for the next version?

50 % 

Feedback from the community - including Odoo partners, customers, consultants, support agents, etc.

25 % 

User tests - which are performed throughout the entire year of developing the new version.

25 % 

Internal tasks - meaning improvements detected in Odoo S.A.'s internal operations 

For Odoo S.A., the feedback received on current functions is the most critical component when working toward improving Odoo. In 60% of cases, direct feedback results in an improvement in the next version of Odoo. 

Expected Features of Odoo 14

Odoo's primary goal is to make using Odoo as smooth and straightforward as possible, and to reduce valuable time businesses spend on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated. And, of course, Odoo wants to present an easy-to-use and comprehensive user interface.

With these core tenets in mind, here's a list of what's expected in the Odoo 14 release.

1) Animated Conversations

    Include Emojis in your communication within Odoo with colleagues or customers to make the conversation          
    more lively

2) Settings Documentation 

    Each Setting will now have a button where you can access a user documentation to better understand eac    
    setting's function in detail

3) Category Filter in Apps

    Using a category filter will make it easier to search for new apps within Odoo.

4) New Odoo Inventory settings

    With Odoo 14, you will now be able to define when a purchase order should be validated, and there will be a new
    checkbox to define when quantities should be updated - either at session closing or in real-time.

5) New Odoo Sales setting

    You will now be able to make a customer signature mandatory on delivery orders. 

6) Print a Pricelist from a Product list 

    Select a product from your master data and print a price list with the respective currency you want to display. 

7) New Odoo Website features

    New Snippets, like a Chart Snippet are expected, as well as a Countdown Widget and an auto popup for product
    promotion codes, etc. You will also be able to enable or disable the cookie bar on your website and integrate your     Google Search Console account with Odoo to handle SEO optimization.

    Watch this video for more exciting newOdoo Webiste features!

8) Odoo Timesheets:

    There will be a new time-rounding function in Timesheets to define miminal duration when time should be

9) New Data Cleaning module available 

    Reduce data redundancy by cleaning your master data! 

As you can tell, we are beyond excited for the release of Odoo 14!

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