Odoo 14 - Release Note
31 August, 2020 by
Odoo 14 - Release Note

Every year in October, Odoo releases the newest version with highly anticipated extended and improved features. This year, the latest version of Odoo - Odoo 14 - was released.

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Odoo 14 - New Features

Odoo's primary goal is to make using Odoo as smooth and straightforward as possible, and to reduce valuable time businesses spend on repetitive tasks that could easily be automated. And, of course, Odoo wants to present an easy-to-use and comprehensive user interface.

With these core tenets in mind, Odoo exceeded all expectations for the newest version

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Improved Website Builder

New Snippets, like a Chart, a Countdown Widget, Table of Content, product Catalogue and an auto popup for product promotion codes are available now with Odoo 14. 

You can enable or disable the cookie bar on your website and can now integrate your Google Search Console account with Odoo to handle SEO optimization. 

Websites built with Odoo 14 are now 3.42 times faster than Websites built with the former version!

Integrated Spreadsheet App

Odoo Spreadsheets helps you to create visual representations of your data in real-time and processes even large volumes of data. As you create new data in your system, the spreadsheet data will continuously update themselves with no need of manual updating or exporting!  

Add filters based on date, relations or text and customize your information as you need them.

The new Odoo Spreadsheet application is available in the CRM, Sales, Accounting, Subscriptions and Documents App. 

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Data Cleaning App

The new data cleaning app allows you to check your system for duplicates and removes all unnecessary data and documents that blocks your memory. 

The app will show all duplicates and lets you define rules and conditions for finding and removing duplicates Reduce data redundancy by cleaning your master data!

Documents: New PDF cutter

Edit your PDFs directly in the Odoo Documents app and remove the pages you don't need!

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Outlook Add-In

The new Add-in bridges your Outlook mailbox with your Odoo database. The extension allows you to create leads from emails sent to your mailbox and centralizes your prospect's emails in one central place. 

Improved stock forecasts

Check the availability of the products you want to sell and view forecasts of stock levels based on accurate data! 

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How does Odoo S.A determine what to improve or develop for the next version? 

50 % 

Feedback from the community - including Odoo partners, customers, consultants, support agents, etc.

25 % 

User tests - which are performed throughout the entire year of developing the new version.

25 % 

Internal tasks - meaning improvements detected in Odoo S.A.'s internal operations 

For Odoo S.A., the feedback received on current functions is the most critical component when working toward improving Odoo. In 60% of cases, direct feedback results in an improvement in the next version of Odoo. 

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