OBS after-sales support

We offer comprehensive support and continuous optimization after project completion.

A successful project does not end when it goes live. To continuously improve your Odoo system, we will support you with customizations, extensions, updates, maintenance, upgrades or general consulting. In short, our customer support is very flexible.

Depending on your requirements, you may be able to take advantage of our priority services and hourly rate discounts. The agreement also includes on-demand custom programming upgrades for your latest version of Odoo without high one-time costs.

Included services in our after-sales agreement

Dedicated consultant

The consultant who worked with you during the project will also support you after sales.

Monthly service hours included

Depending on the contract, monthly service times are already included.

Prioritized support

Our after-sales contract includes priority handling of error messages and other requests.

Discount on hourly rates

Get a further hourly rate discount for additional enhancements and support.

Support 24/7

We are one of the few Odoo partners that provide 24/7 support at our worldwide locations.

Upgrade your Odoo system

We upgrade your individual projects to new Odoo versions free of charge.

Possibilities of project takeover

We can also take over systems that are already in production. What if you installed Odoo yourself or implemented it with another partner and the system is not known to OBS? In that case, we must perform a comprehensive analysis of the system before we can take over and start our support services. This analysis is charged separately.

To learn more, you can read how OBS took over a project in our customer success story: Primus Energy Ltd.

“I would also like to highlight your service / support once again. I really feel in good hands with you and my problems are quickly understood and solved without making a fuss about it.”

Head of Engineering, Primus Pascal Daus • Head of Engineering, Primus

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