Odoo Analysis by OBS

Several options to start your project.

Before starting an Odoo implementation project, an analysis phase is essential to evaluate and document processes and requirements, and provide the decision makers with a broad basis of information and a detailed project estimate.

Conducting an analysis phase up front saves valuable time and resources during implementation, and reduces the probability of project disruptions.

To ensure you end up with the right business software for your needs and to ensure a smooth and efficient Odoo implementation, we offer two different Odoo analysis approaches — Odoo Proof of Concept and Odoo Workshop. After each, we can then provide you with a detailed project estimate.

Different Options to start your Odoo Implementation

Odoo Proof of Concept

Suitable for larger enterprises with a departmental structure — where the decision-making relies on directors or heads of departments and will be made by several individuals.

  • Example Timeline PoC 

Odoo Analysis Workshop

Suitable for small and medium-sized companies with up to 50 employees and a small number of decision makers — typically the business owner or managing director.

  • Example Timeline Workshop 

 Odoo Direct Project Start

Suitable for decision-makers who already know Odoo and their business requirements extremely well. A short analysis phase is conducted within the project.

  • Example Timeline Direct Project Start                                

Odoo Proof of Concept

Our Odoo Proof of Concept analysis is best for companies with a departmental or section structure with more than 50 employees, where the owner or managing director cannot make the implementation decision on their own, but instead has to rely on heads of department and project leads who will make the final decision as a team.

The goal of the Odoo Proof of Concept is to provide both sides with detailed documentation and analyses of your company's processes and requirements to provide you with an elaborate project plan and an estimate of the project costs.

An exemplary outline of an Odoo Proof of Concept could look like this:

Example Timeline PoC + Next Steps

Odoo Workshop

Our Odoo Workshop analysis is generally best for companies with less than 50 employees. After conducting the analysis workshop, the owner or managing director knows Odoo in detail and can make a sound decision on the project. Typically, the owner or managing director also plays a substantial role throughout the project implementation.

An exemplary outline of an  Odoo Workshop looks like this: 

Example Timeline Workshop + Next Steps

Odoo Direct Project Start

Of course, you can start your Odoo implementation project with us right away if you already selected Odoo as your business software of choice, and only need minimal support with the implementation. However, we only recommend this approach to companies and project leads who know Odoo's functions and possibilities very well and have analyzed and documented the requirements of their company in detail.

An outline of an exemplary  Odoo implementation with a short analysis phase integrated in the project could look like this: 

Example Timeline Direct Project Start

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