OBS expands to Finland
New office in Helsinki
13 November, 2020 by
OBS expands to Finland
Julia Schneider

OBS expands to Finland

We, at Odoo Business Solutions (OBS), are proud to announce the expansion of our business to Finland. Ossi Mäntylahti, who has decades of experience in implementing ERP systems, has been appointed to head the OBS Helsinki office.

Tobias Hammeke, President and CEO of the OBS Group, expects that the Odoo ERP system will continue to increase its market share in Finland, especially due to the many companies considering whether to continue their SAP R/3 upgrades or to switch to another more intuitive version.

"It is well known that upgrading from SAP R3 to S4 / Hana represents a huge effort for any company and can be compared to a new implementation," explains Tobias. "It is possible to implement an alternative ERP system and achieve the same results with less cost and risk."

For example, the US "Computer Weekly" writes about a recent Gartner study. The most important result of this study was that less than half of the SAP upgrade projects can be considered successful. Just over a third (36%) of projects meet their initial requirements. Support for companies using SAP R/3 will be phased out in a few years. Therefore, an upgrade should be planned early.

Ossi Mäntylahti, who has been appointed head of OBS Group's Finnish operations, agrees.

“SAP implementations are always large. It is almost certain that something will go wrong in a SAP project," he continues. "Odoo ERP is a real alternative that should be seriously considered.”

Ossi also sees Odoo-based solutions reflecting strong demand for its e-commerce solution. “In light of the crisis caused by COVID-19, everyone should be aware of the importance of being able to sell their products online. With Odoo you can set up an online shop in less than a week. "

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There are numerous e-commerce platforms out there, but they typically lack key functionality on the merchant back-end systems side.

“Odoo is an excellent choice as an e commerce backend system. Odoo's inventory management, purchasing, accounting and financial management are fully compatible with the needs of domestic banks and government agencies. Integration with platforms like Amazon and Shopify is also straightforward,” says Ossi.

“If you are serious about selling products online, you should consider all aspects of the business, not just the front-end customer channel. Managing the whole thing falls apart very quickly if you're using one application to manage one space at a time. This leads to massive fragmentation and your business data is never up to date. It makes much more sense to use a system that has all the different functions integrated from the start. "

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