Odoo for Finnish SME
How Odoo fulfills the specific requirements for ERP systems
29 February, 2024 by
Odoo for Finnish SME
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo for Finnish SME

Finnish SMEs face unique challenges, which are also reflected in the requirements of their ERP systems.
Find out more about the specific requirements of Finnish SMEs for ERP systems.

The Odoo experts from OBS Solutions are often asked what makes an ERP system such an important acquisition for Finnish companies. Our experience with this kind of question goes back several decades.

ERP systems are essential tools for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to improve business efficiency and remain competitive. Finnish SMEs are the backbone of the economy. These systems must meet specific requirements.

Specific requirements of Finnish SMEs for ERP systems  

Finnish SMEs face unique challenges, which are also reflected in the requirements of their ERP systems. These include e-invoicing, tax returns and VAT processing.

E-invoicing: Finnish SMEs need systems that automate the invoicing process and ensure secure and efficient invoice processing. The ERP systems must also support the requirements of Finnish legislation.

Tax returns, VAT and Intrastat declarations: The ERP systems must be able to manage the calculation, reporting and presentation of VAT in a clear manner.

Intrastat declarations for intra-EU trade statistics are important. ERP Systems need to collect and report trade data accurately.

Advantages of Odoo for Finnish SMEs

Finnish SMEs emphasise user-friendliness, integration with other systems and security.

User-friendliness and adaptability: Odoo’s strength.

Integration with other systems: the ERP system must integrate seamlessly with other systems such as financial management software and CRM. Fortunately, Odoo is is known for its integration options.

Data security and privacy: a high level of data security and assurance of the ERP system's compliance with local and international data protection laws (GDPR, etc.) is essential.

Discover more advantages of Odoo for SMEs and let us show you the software in a free demo.

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Brief Overview of the requirements of American and Finnish SMEs

A great amount of ERP systems were originally designed for the US market. For European clients, and especially for Finns, many of the basic paradigms of the US systems seem very strange. In Finland, the week starts on Monday and we use numbers of weeks. This is not the case in the US. But there are wider differences.

Differences in operating environment: Finnish SMEs operate in a more strictly regulated environment, whereas in the US, market dynamics and competition are more important.

Cultural factors: Finns value practicality and efficiency, while US firms emphasise flexibility and innovation.

Differences in technology use: in Finland, the emphasis is on reliability and security, while in the US, it is on rapid adoption of the latest technologies.

Future outlook and recommendations for Finnish SMEs using ERP systems

The role of digitalisation: Digitalisation enables more efficient business processes. Finnish SMEs should focus on finding systems that are adaptable and secure.

Opportunities and challenges: Finnish SMEs should be proactive in exploiting new technologies and ensure that their IT infrastructure is ready for future challenges.
We recommend investing in Odoo for Finnish SMEs which is adaptable, user-friendly and secure to support business growth and development.

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