6 Reasons why you should implement business software now
Every crisis is a chance
7 January, 2021 by
6 Reasons why you should implement business software now
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

6 Reasons why you should implement business software now

A global health crisis, the recession, the macroeconomic turmoil - whatever it is that is impacting your business the most right now creates an atmosphere of uncertainty, that almost every business owner and manager has to deal with. 

Even if you might not realize it right now, there are always opportunities to make the best out of a situation, you just need to reframe your perception. Instead of thinking of a recession, frame the situation as an opportunity to reset and reinvest in things you may have neglected before. Think of ways how you can come out of this crisis stronger, and how you can help your business thrive in the future.

A lot of companies might have realized now that they have neglected the necessity to keep their IT infrastructure up to date, to improve processes or to implement modern software that complies with the latest standards. 

Today we have collected 6 reasons why now the time is right to audit your existing business software system and review whether it is about time to look out for a more up-to-date solution.

1. Now you have the time and resources

The world slowed down, but you didn't. The business world has become more cautious, orders come in more hesitantly, and long-term planning is difficult. It is all the more important to keep an eye on everything. Invest now in optimized software like Odoo that offers you all possibilities and does not lose any of its efficiency. Ask OBS about offers and options. You're not limited by the outside world, you can improve and extend your lead.

Is your business software suiting your business needs? Even though many might not feel like investing resources and money in implementing a new business software right now in rather uncertain times, one should not forget about the hidden cost that inefficient business processes cause constandly. Facing the implementation process can permanently reduce your costs. Use your resources now and lead your business into a better and stronger future.

2. Improved Productivity

Your employees work as a team. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger - never has this idiom been more true. Your team has become a team. You had to rely on each other and you did. You and your employees know each other even better than you did before. New strengths have been found and empathy is no longer a term but also filled with life which let your team grow together. Odoo offers amazing functions and tools to enhance the cooperative workflow and let your team work as one.

Creativity didn't stop. Changing times have to be answered with changed solutions. Everything was different, the way you could work, the way you could reach your business partners and clients, time you had to find solutions for your customers but also working with your own employees changed: remote work, videocalls and flexible worktimes have become bigger topics. Each of these solutions brought its own difficulties along but was also a huge enrichment for your business. Embrace the change and your learnings!

3. Improved Collaboration 

Every branch, every business is impacted. Every business in every branch around the world had to adapt to the new situation and restrictions. Some did better than others, but this means not only that there are many successstories to be found but also many lessons have been learned. With Odoo Business Solutions by their side many companies could write success stories. So, take a look around and see how other companies managed and what they did different.

Collaboration means team work. In times everything seems to be on risk, it is good to know that you work as a team with your partners. You've got a aim thats tiying you together and avoids you from losing track. Your collaboration is strong and you can profit from each others learnings, strengthen each other in times of trouble and find new ways to achieve your goals together. OBS advises you quickly and competently, even in difficult times, and tailored to your needs.

4. Streamline your business processes 

The potential is already there. Your business has a great solution and offers the best service, but sometimes you feel like you're stuck, maybe a little too slow... That's the case when your business processes don't work smooth. But you can change that! Take a closer look and identify the spots during your business processes in which you could need improvement. Implementation of Odoo as new business software will make your business processes more efficent than ever!

New Opportunities. Your business is flourishing even in difficult times, that's great! Right now could be the time to try something new. Many tools and functions can be added to your business portfolio without changing your main business. Offering more for your clients and business partners can be worthwhile. What's stopping you? Show your strengths and seize new opportunities!

5. Better meet your customer's expectations

Working hand in hand. Working at a team is efficient if every member can benefit from their teammates work. This not only speeds up the whole process but also increases the communication within your company. Odoo offers transparent documentation of all work steps within a project and enables every member to get in contact with their colleagues at any time. If expertise or help is needed, colleagues can be added to a specific project or work step even if they weren't included in the first place.

Communication is key. There are many ways customers can reach out for companies. In uncertain times it's extremely important to be available and provide short ways to contact you. Your customers might have questions and concerns you can resolve. Make sure that your company's communication with your customer is suiting the situation and your business. Odoo supports your ideas, offering many possibilities to enable and improve your communication with your customers. Due to its transperent interface, you'll see every message sent by your customer and can create ways to interact directly with them in only one click.

6. Centralize your data

Short distances enable short processing times. You're known for your good work, keep that up! In the big competition on the market not only quality is a crucial fact but time also! A growing business means growing data base, too. This brings with it the challenge of managing data efficiently. Make sure that your competitors don't leave you behind. A software like Odoo gives you exactly this overview and enables fast order processing. Create short paths for your data flow and accelerate your business processes.

Ready at anytime. Whenever, wherever an order comes in, you need to check your data: Is this client already one of yours or are they new? Do you already know the service or product he wants to buy? Do you have it in stock? When can you provide the ordered service? What about your supplier? The list of questions you'll have to answer is long. Odoo can cut these processes shorter. It is not only browser-based, it also offers a mobile iOs and Android application. Which makes working easy while avoiding a loss in efficiency: You have all you need well structured and with a click at hand - any where and at any time.

Invest in your business now and gain a partner focussing your needs.

Join us and improve your business now.

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