Efficient invoice posting
How to avoid double booking of invoices
19 June, 2024 by
Efficient invoice posting
Ida Müller

The booking of incoming invoices

The correct booking of incoming invoices is essential for companies. Many projects and partnerships lead to numerous delivery invoices that need to be managed. A common problem is the double booking of invoices, which leads to increased workload and inconsistencies in the accounting records. In this blog post, we provide you with a simple solution to avoid this problem.


Challenges with manual invoice processing

A common process in many companies looks like this: An invoice arrives by email and is manually entered into the system. It is then checked and approved. This process is prone to errors, as invoices can easily be entered multiple times.

Approach to avoid double entries

OCR enables the automatic scanning of invoices and the digital capture of relevant information. However, instead of immediately creating a new invoice in the system, the scanned documents are first temporarily saved in the system without immediately creating a new invoice. The crux of the matter here, is not to create the invoice immediately, but to compare the original invoice with the scanned document when it arrives and then record and link it in the system.

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