Industry Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences
The best solution is an OBS Solution
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Industry Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Industry Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Our OBS Industry Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences is the fully integrated software that allows you to optimally manage your day-to-day business in your industry. Developed by our industry experts, our OBS industry solution combines the know-how of our experienced industry experts with best-practice approaches from the experienced practice of the industry.

Read more about the ideas behind the OBS Industry Solution for Healthcare & Life Sciences, which focuses on German pharmacies, and the benefits it offers.

Industry pitfalls

Staff shortage - the Achilles' heel of the industry

Nothing slows down work in the healthcare sector like the lack of staff. When processes slow down, work is left undone – unfortunately, this is the daily routine in many pharmacies. New staff are slow to arrive, so the shortfall has to be dealt with differently. This is where software efficiency plays a crucial role.

Flexibility - an unknown term

In the past, systems have been confronted with requirements that necessitated the handling of tasks that were not considered when the software was first created. Because of the lack of flexibility, systems become outdated quickly and pharmacies are left with repeated data transfers or manual completion. An alternative would be a full software change. Flexible adaptation to new framework conditions is crucial for business success. This is relevant for future changes.

Decelerating dependencies

Often, the specialization of a pharmacy means that the employees have to handle an entire software landscape. The merchandise management system and the software for the specialization area are often different systems - this is common practice. In some cases, these systems are connected via an interface. Where this is not the case, a lot of data management is required.

The big players in pharmacy software often depend on associations, clearing centers, and corporate groups that play a major role in shaping the logic of the software. This makes it difficult or even impossible to intuitively use the software according to one's own work processes. This also makes adapting the software to one’s work almost impossible. As a result, the software's customization options are almost non-existent, and in some cases, they have not even been considered.

Legal amendments are integrated into the old systems with complex interfaces. This results not only in additional work in maintaining the software, but also in the areas of service and consulting. In many cases, this also makes the operation of the software more cumbersome, as several software logics have to be followed. Intuitive operation looks different.

Pharmacy rethought

Working independently of location

Efficiency is the keyword that makes the biggest impact in the fight against staff shortages. Unlike other established pharmacy software, we rely on cloud-based solutions.
Rigid workstations are not necessary: Serve your customers anywhere on a tablet or cell phone, for example, when making house visits.
Home office is a real option: management and administrative tasks, such as invoicing, staff and duty scheduling, can be done anywhere. Break free from the idea of working exclusively in your pharmacy building.

Flexibility in the true sense of the word

Our industry solution for healthcare & life sciences can be adapted to your work processes. The modular design of the software allows you to expand the software exactly in the areas that are needed - without bells and whistles. All-in-one is the keyword for central and smooth data management.

No restraining dependencies

Our OBS industry solution for healthcare & life sciences focuses on independence in any area:

  • no obligations regarding hardware
  • various, flexible extension possibilities of the software, thanks to modular structure
  • connection to other applications via interfaces
  • no commitments to pre-installed operating systems
  • individual adaptations of the software possible (user interface and functions)

Breaking new ground and fully exploiting your own potential

Yes, our OBS industry solution for healthcare & life sciences is different from the common software solutions in the market, and this is exactly where we see the advantage for the German pharmacy market.
During the development of our POS system, we placed a special focus on intuitive operation: 


  • Everything on one screen
  • Your own stock can be viewed directly on the product display in the list
  • You choose your own hardware - our software is not bound to specific devices

For us, it's not just about learning the ropes or following strict guidelines. The software should optimally support and facilitate work processes like our OBS industry solution for healthcare & life sciences. We have also digitally mapped other areas of activity more intuitively, such as the production of medicines or the creation of medication analyses.

In implementing the new software, we factored in industry-specific peculiarities and, for training your employees, we created more flexible training appointments so that even part-time employees can get off to the best possible start with the new software.

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Hit the ground running with the OBS industry solution in the healthcare & life sciences sector.

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