Industry solution for real estate & construction
The best solution is an OBS Solution
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Industry solution for real estate & construction
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Industry solution for real estate & construction

Our OBS industry solution for real estate and construction industry is the fully integrated software that allows you to optimally manage your day-to-day business activities in your industry. Developed by our industry experts, our OBS industry solution combines the expertise of our experienced industry experts with best-practice approaches from the lived working practice of the industry.

Read more about the ideas behind the OBS industry solution for real estate and construction and the benefits it offers.

The biggest pain points in the industry

The biggest pain point in the real estate industry is the poor digitization or even no digitization of work processes, leading to no overview. Costs cannot be fully overviewed and forecasted, and where possible, would require a lot of time and work. Because of the lack of a central administrative channel, personnel in this industry have had to put in very high efforts in individual projects - countless Excel tables, printouts, handwritten documents... the filing cabinets are full - especially in the areas of project development and administration, professional planning becomes a feat.

Although some software digitalize and facilitate work processes, these softwares only cover important sub-areas such as CRM or ERP. They do not go any further in their functions. They are also not often integrated, which means that all data must be loaded into the respective software separately and repeatedly. With all these, important data links cannot be transferred. So to get the full overview of a project, individuals would need to refer to data sets of all the software.

The greatest value-add of the industry solution for real estate and construction

Our real estate solution focuses on the entire real estate & construction industry, offering software in which brokers, property managers, and construction project developers can work together across the board.
Unlike other providers in the market, we do not limit the scope of our software to individual sectors. The fact that you can manage subsectors in the software is a basic requirement in our eyes.
Also, cooperation with any subgroups is possible without any problems, be it property owners, third-party administrators, housing cooperatives, and construction companies. In short, all activities that exist in the real estate industry can be managed with our industry solution for real estate.

Optimize your work and digitize your processes

The OBS industry solution offers software that covers all the needs and requirements of the real estate and construction industry. Thus, data management remains in one place and all objects, once recorded, can be further planned and managed in any way. There is no need to transfer data, and the already existing data links remain intact.

The whole lifecycle of a property is mapped, plannable, and manageable.

 The biggest advantages for real estate agents
  • Centralized publication of properties
  • Automated processing of inquiries
  • Mapping and planning of the entire process, from contacting and viewing appointments to the closing

 The main advantages for construction project developers
  • Overview, cost planning and scheduling with the possibility of calculating profitability (price estimation)
  • Complete mapping of management in purchasing and construction trades

 The greatest advantages for real estate managers
  • Complete accounting activities and cost allocation
  • Contact management with owners and tenants
  • Damage management

The most frequently requested functions

Tenant portal: Communication in every direction

  • Between tenant and landlord, tenant and manager
  • To external site managers
  • Digital exposé

Data migration: Full support for data migration and interface usage

  • Interface with other software (Microsoft, Google, ...)
  • Competent support of data migration by experienced industry experts

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