More opportunities for your accounting with Odoo
Discover the OBS Finance Solutions
31 October, 2023 by
More opportunities for your accounting with Odoo
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

More opportunities for your accounting with Odoo

Every business software has its strengths and weaknesses. As implementers, we know that these are not faits accomplis. At OBS Solutions, we are committed to providing our customers with more than just the best possible service for their existing software. We take a closer look at Odoo and use our field expertise and deep software knowledge to enhance the software further in a meaningful way, not only to eliminate weak points but also to grow the software's functionality.

Read more about OBS Finance Solutions and how to take your accounting to the next level with Odoo.

More accounting functions for your Odoo system

Automated calculation and up-to-the-minute purchase costs

Customs, freight and insurance costs can be automatically calculated and listed with the OBS Finance Solutions.
The OBS Finance Solution offers the possibility to store the purchase costs of each product and calculate purchase costs according to preset percentages. The calculations using the current costs are automatically triggered and available on the invoice for you at any time.

Automate the calculation of warranty provisions

Journal entries that include provisions for warranties (such as bonus payments) can be automatically created in the background when creating A/R invoices with the OBS Finance Solution. This feature is available for all products, whether you want to set warranty provisions for existing or newly added products.

Order line wizard for individual work processes

Every company has its own individual signature, even in accounting. That is exactly why we enhanced our reporting menu in the OBS Finance Solution with special filter options. This allows you to create even more detailed reports and see everything in a structured way at a glance - according to your requirements and needs.

Accessible Debit Credit Reclassification

Even small adjustments significantly simplify accounting processes. The OBS Finance Solution can display open items as a list on any key date, allowing you to reclassify items on short notice when required.
The OBS Finance Solution optimizes your month-end closing or dunning processes and other great benefits.

Further enhancements of the OBS Finance Solutions

  • More transparency and structure: the OBS Finance Solution for clearly identifying customers, even those with the same name, at first glance, using individual reference numbers
  • Register & Loans App: the OBS Finance Solution for complex loans, financial assets, equity and reserve movements
  • Accounting interfaces: the OBS Finance Solution for connecting to large accounting systems, government portals and bank interfaces
  • Expert package Germany: the OBS Finance Solution specifically for the German market
  • GoBD module: the OBS Finance Solution to facilitate audit processes with individual user rights for European companies
  • Inter-Company Collector App: the OBS Finance Solution for inter-company transactions, especially in financial critical areas
  • Group Consolidation: the OBS Finance Solution for easy group consolidation based on group accounting

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OBS Finance Solutions

Make accounting a breeze with OBS Finance Solutions.

Discuss your requirements directly with OBS finance experts and benefit from our experience with successful projects.

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