Odoo 17: New Features
Find out now what new functions Odoo V17 has in store for us!
24 November, 2023 by
Odoo 17: New Features
OBS Solutions GmbH, Lea Céline Dickhaus

Odoo 17: New Features

Odoo 17 brings a wave of exciting new features that revolutionize the ERP landscape. With Odoo 17, businesses can expect a seamless user experience and enhanced convenience, empowering them to optimize operations and stay ahead in a competitive market. Read now more about the new features of Odoo 17!

Knowledge App


Create custom databases inside your articles and display them as kanbans, lists, calendars, …

Inventory App


Add property fields on lots to store and display extra information on each of those.

Appointments App


Handle resources and let visitors book tennis courts, meeting rooms, restaurant tables, …



Place your orders as a customer either through tablets laid out at the entrance or by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone. Payment will also be handled.

Sales App


Use the new catalog tool to build your quotations on the fly while visiting a customer.

Invoicing App


Ask for a partial payment as a way to confirm an order.

Subscription App


Handle the recurring delivery of storable products as part of a subscription service.

HR App


Use attendance and working schedules and let Odoo handle overtime computation for you.


Share a snapshot of your spreadsheets with your collaborators to allow them to take a look at your reports.


New backend theme and the complete redesign of the user interface with many usability improvements

User Experience

Improved UI/UX refactoring for a seamless user experience

User Interaction

Draggable pop-up wizard for improved user interaction

Notes ➝ To-Do App

Transformation of the Notes app into a new To-Do app

"Create" ➝ "New"

Replacement of the "Create" button with the "New" button

Shortcut keys

Implementation of shortcut keys for efficient navigation and actions


Arrangement of annual celebrations on specific dates

Document Reminders

Document reminders for document signing

Resumes for employees

Automatic creation of resumes for employees based on their projects and milestones

Structure Organization

Departments Organization Chart for managing organization structure

& many more!

Get an overview of all 125 new features here

All of these features make Odoo 17 a game-changer in the ERP market, revolutionizing the way businesses operate and improving efficiency and convenience for users. Curious to try Odoo 17 now?

Revolutionize your business operations with the power of Odoo.

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