Odoo AI: How we're breaking new ground at OBS
The future is now: Working with Odoo AI at OBS Solutions
11 January, 2023 by
Odoo AI: How we're breaking new ground at OBS
OBS Solutions GmbH, Hanna Wallulli

Odoo AI: How we're breaking new ground at OBS

When was the last time you incorporated a new technology directly into your enterprise software?

At OBS Solutions, we are not only open to new technology, but also to free thinking and trying out new things. This allows us to shape the future and enable our employees and customers to explore new avenues. So we're testing how we can use ChatGPT for our work.

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, is specifically dedicated to developing AI software and is gradually launching AI applications as free demo versions. This AI software is making waves, causing the whole world to try out the new possibilities of AI.

What AI have we integrated at OBS Solutions?

ChatGPT is an AI chatbot designed to understand human text input and respond as naturally as possible. The software, which is currently in its testing phase and available as a free demo version, has gone viral on social media. So, we took a look at the proprietary enterprise solution and integrated it with Odoo, creating what we affectionately call Odoo AI.

Unlike other common AI applications already established in the working world that focus on text production, ChatGPT relies on human feedback in addition to the training data from which its knowledge is fed. The AI responds to the feedback directly in the live chat. This is how errors in the AI’s training data are corrected and its knowledge updated. The AI’s work can be directly matched with the feedback it receives in the chat.


How can the AI be used for everyday work with Odoo?

What is the advantage of integrating and using Odoo AI (language model GPT-3 known from ChatGPT) directly in your Odoo system? Odoo AI gives you everything in one place while allowing you to continue using Odoo the way you are used to. Your Odoo interface remains as simple and structured as you are familiar with and appreciate.

Optimize the knowledge of Odoo AI with your Odoo data. This way, Odoo AI can answer even better and more precisely.
Odoo AI is integrated like an Odoo module and is automatically fully integrated with your other modules - just like you know it from Odoo. Another advantage is that regardless of the app you are using, you can now address Odoo AI in the chatter as a very smart and fast-responding employee and let it contribute efficiently to your daily work.

Depending on the industry and tasks (internal and external), Odoo AI can support your work in numerous ways. We have collected a few ideas for you as inspiration for your first steps into the future with AI-assisted working methods:

Ideas for Industry & IT Services

Scenario: Do you desire an easier way to develop a new module? Ask Odoo AI how to program a module, stating your requirements and desired functions, and Odoo AI will give you step by step guidance and code the passages for you.

Ideas for Production & Manufacturing

Idea: Use the computing power of Odoo AI to calculate statistics on the wear of your tools and machines. When linked to the sensors of the machines, the AI can give reliable forecasts on the wear of seals, motors, cylinders and more.

Ideas for Wholesale & Retail

Use Odoo AI as a text generator to automatically create full product descriptions for your online store. Or it can serve as a digital customer assistant to help your customers find the perfect product.

Ideas for real estate management & project development

Idea: Use Odoo AI to create attractive exposés from your property data. What used to take hours to complete can now be done in a few minutes and for several properties simultaneously with Odoo AI. In the future, it would also be possible to have Odoo AI make forecasts about neighborhoods that will be trending in the near future.

Ideas for other industries

Here's an idea for the pharmacy sector: Instead of looking up individual medicines to see their restrictions, you can search the entire database in one go for medicines without certain restrictions. For example, you can ask Odoo AI for nasal sprays that pregnant and breastfeeding women can use.

Be part of our future-oriented work and go new ways full of possibilities with us.

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