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6 May, 2022 by
Odoo Barcode Scanner App
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The usage of barcodes has evolved - they are used more than ever before and their field of application enlarges every day. Barcodes exist in two dimensions: QR codes and data matrix, allowing to store more information in a reduced space. In Odoo 15, GS1 capabilities and many other features were introduced. In this blog, we will give a deeper insight of how you can speed up stock operations using the barcode of Odoo.

What's new in the V15 barcode app?

GS1 Barcodes

In V15, Odoo added the support of GS1 barcodes, which are able to contain several information at once. With GS1 barcodes you can store information about the product, quantity, measure, lot, serial and expiration date - and all of that in just one scan! Depending on your business, this saves a lot of time.

Smart Batches

Now, if you open one of the transfers for your customers, it will immediately suggest you to create a batch when multiple picks are pending for the same customer or supplier. This is the same with reception.


In V14, it was difficult to keep track of all lots and serials of a product - it was quite messy. When viewing lots and serial numbers, you now have a line a the top that groups everything together, and you can easily fold or unfold the list of lots and serial numbers for each product.

Edit view

Beside a '+1' and '-1' button, you are now able to eadily edit the number of units with the implemented keyboard in the edit view. Furthermore features are a button which shows the available packaging for each product, and a list which shows all lovations where your product is stored.

Barcode Scanner & App - Live Demo

In this video, Thomas Deleval, product owner for Odoo inventory purchase & barcodes, presents the features and improvements of the barcode scanner app in a live demo at the warehouse of 'AllFourPools' in Belgium. Check it out now to experience the barcode app in a real warehouse up close.


As you can see, Odoo 15 offers a lot of improvements in the barcode app and will be improved further in Odoo V16. You are interested in which other features can be expected in Odoo 16? Then take a look ar our latest blog: Expected Features of Odoo 16. Do you have any questions left regarding the barcode scanner and barcode app? Read through the Q&A down below!


Question:                                                                                                                                                 Answer by Thomas Deleval:

Where would you recommend using the barcode app in Odoo?

In any company having a warehouse. The barcode app is a picking app, so it's like the backend but in your hands. Regarding the device, we have several different setups, like the zebra scanner, which is quite advanced. The other solution is also to have a tablet or a mobile phone with the barcode app installed.

Comment by OBS: Beside those basic functions you can use "Barcode Commands" to open specific menu items, trigger print events and a lot more.

Can I print the label directly from the barcode app?

No, this moment it's not possible. You can do it in the backend. Probably we'll add that in the future in V16.

Comment by OBS: Beside the Odoo Standard, you can add different extension Apps to do so. It is possible for example, to trigger the print event when transfer is completed, a delivery slip is validaed and so on.

Is it possible to scan offline with the mobile app?

You can do some operation offline. If you are in the picking for instance and you have to go in a corner of your warehouse whre the Wi-Fi is not powerful enough, it's not an issue. But each time the app has to call the server, like validating a picking for instance or loading a list of picking, then you need to be online.

Comment by OBS: Beside that there are developments possible to include this functionality. But for a lot of cases it is just wise to stay online and use the live features.

While handling a receipt, does Odoo automatically recognize the barcode of the supplier?

You have to inform your backend that this product is linked to one barcode, otherwise if you scan a product it won't recognize it. Usually, you do that with an EAN or UPC. It's a code of 14 characters and it's unique in the world. But you can also use your own custom barcodes if you want. Internationally, it's recommended to use an EAN.

Comment by OBS: Furthermore there are possible developments where you can use "EDI" to retrieve order informations to be used for the barcode. 

How could I handle inventory receipts of packages which are not full, like a package that should contain ten pieces, but only contains six?

Then you can just count by pieces. You just press "+1" or you just go to the edit button and press "6".  Probably at the end, when you validate, it will ask you if you want to make a backorder for it or not. Basically, it's rather using the units than the packages if your package is not full.

Will it be possible to scan fresh products when the barcodes scan would have weight embedded in the barcode?

That's possible as well. GS1 can contain several measurements, including weight. It can also have volume, length, etc. Any kind of measure is possible. We don't handle all of them, but it's always possible.

Does the new GS1 barcode also retrieve the expiry date from the product?

If it's included in the barcode, we can capture it. Currently it doesn't work but it's in progress.

Can I create a new serial number by scanning the barcode on an arriving product?

Yes, you can scan the product if it has to be tracked by a serial number or lot. And when you scan it then you can scan just after the serial number and the serial number will be created for the product.

Can you use the app on a cell phone or tablet instead of the devices presented?

Yes, it works for tablets, phones, zebra scanner or even a laptop. So basically, any device that can support the application itself should work.

Do you think of possible future improvements in the future version? Something that could be added to the already presented flow?

Yes, of course there is still room for improvement.  For instance, with the handling of packages. At the moment, we added the creation of automated batch picking, but something we are working on is if you have transferred a package, you can also create automated wave picking for everything inside ot this package. But we have a lot of things in the pipeline.

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